The CDC Is “NORMALIZING” Blood Clots – Which Are A SIDE EFFECT Of The Covid19 Vaccines:

The CDC Is “NORMALIZING” Blood Clots Which Are A SIDE EFFECT Of The Covid19 Vaccines:

“Anyone can develop a blood clot!”…..”Even the healthiest athletes!” “Everyone is at risk”.. NO, I’m not as risk because I didnt receive the clot shot

What a crock of crap. The blood clots are occurring because of the serum in the vaccine which is POISON. But, now, the lying CDC coupled with big pharma got this ALL covered! You’re safe in their hands, eh?

Meanwhile: Clara Pfeffer: 33-year-old German television presenter suffers strange dizzy spell on live TV after promoting curfews, lockdowns for the non-vaccinated

Murder: Two Young Boys Found Dead in Bed after Second Pfizer Shot

Aubrey Phillips: 36-year-old Alameda County (CA) Sheriff’s Deputy dies unexpectedly on-duty after “severe medical emergency”

Joshua Caissie: future of young Canadian family uncertain after man spends 10 days in hospital to treat post-mRNA injection heart attack

Brandon Watt: widow of 34-year-old Canadian man admits “I was a sheep” before her fully-vaccinated husband dropped dead in front of their baby girls

Cícera Santos: 39-year-old Brazilian woman develops severe blood clots, has leg amputated 15 days after Pfizer mRNA injection

Milo Edberg: 6-year-old special needs Minnesota boy receives Pfizer mRNA injection with mother’s permission, hospitalized ever since, cannot walk

3,573 Fetal Deaths in VAERS Following COVID-19 Vaccines – 1,867% Increase Over Non-COVID Vaccines

10 thoughts on “The CDC Is “NORMALIZING” Blood Clots – Which Are A SIDE EFFECT Of The Covid19 Vaccines:

  1. Yea Anyone who took the JAB can get a blood clot! Otherwise, its RARE! I was a nurse MANY YEARS! Seldom did we see patients wi8th blood clots unless they had other problems!

  2. they make it sound like its normal for normal ppl to get clots. They fail to mention that its ONLY NORMAL for VAXED PPL.

  3. I wonder if they arent saying a new strain of COVID or if thats just the excuse they give cuz ppl are really dying from the JABS! They have to have/claim a new strain of covid to cover up JAB DEATHS!!!! They dont want ppl to know the truth

  4. The sky is green and purple and clouds are pink. They have always been that way. Clouds are white is a conspiracy theory. This is where some sheep are stuck at. Blood clots are normal, maybe too much non gmo food.


    I found this place because their name is on top of video I could not share. Found it near bottom of page of another wondeful place with LOTS of information. The video is most of the way down the page – image of woman in light brown top looking at computer screen – they are showing and describing what they see in vaccines once they warm up and microscopic entities become active.

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