“Pre-Tribulation Rapture”. To Believe Or Not Believe?

“Pre-Tribulation Rapture”. To Believe Or Not Believe?

So…someone came to my YT channel and told me that I was ‘preaching satan’ because I am not a ‘pre-trib rapture’ believer. Ok… Now, since I don’t believe in it, do I call a person who DOES believe in a ‘pre-trib-rapture’ a person who is ‘preaching satan?’ No.

But, I still do not believe in it.

  1. Jesus never mentioned anything about a ‘pre-tribulation rapture’.
  2. IF there was going to be a ‘pre-tribulation rapture’, why didn’t JESUS mention it?
  3. Jesus DID say: Matthew 24: 27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.
  4. Why did he not mention a ‘pre-trib-rapture‘ in the SAME BROAD terms as the above scripture aforementioned?
  5. WHY do people have to go look for hidden scriptures to believe there would be this event?
  6. If there was going to BE a ‘pre-trib-rapture’ (which would bring mass chaos), why is it not even mentioned BY Jesus or any of his apostles at all? IN BROAD TERMS?
  7. IF there were going to be this ‘rapture’ before the great tribulation, I completely believe NONE of us would be in disagreement over it. None of us are in disagreement over Jesus coming back. IT IS WRITTEN.


1. “Rapture”, 2. “Pre-tribulation-rapture” 3. It’s not in Old English or new.

These are the very simple reasons that I don’t believe in it.

IF you want to believe in this, knock your socks off. That’s your gig. But, for me, I shall prepare to ‘endure ’til the end’. He will hide me in his pavilion. He will cover me with his feathers in the GREAT tribulation & in the day of his wrath – if I am still here and have not been murdered. He has me hidden now as the world is going nutty, I AM at peace.

One thing we CAN agree on is that Our Lord, the great God of Israel, Jehovah is awesome.

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  1. Great explanation of what the Bible actually says about the Second Coming of Christ. I get tons of attacks on my site over this very issue. Thanks TMJ for this post.

  2. Jesus never mentioned it!
    So, why even believe it?

    If THEY want to believe it – go ahead.
    Im a pessimist. Lol

  3. Well he might of Sort of mentioned something that fits it.. Grin 😀
    John_17:15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.

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  5. theres NO pre tribulation rapture. Nowhere in bible is that mentioned! Actually theres much that would support otherwise! GODS people will go through the trib! Yes some will die but GOD will be with his people! there was 8 souls saved in the first judgement! There was a world judgement in the past. Read your BIBLE! Those were NOAH and his family! Saved in first world judgement! That was tribulation. And the ones saved went THROUGH it not spared FROM IT! After that destruction and the rain, {if you know your bible}, there was a rainbow in the sky! And GOD said let this be a sign that i will NEVER again judge or destroy by a flood. YES floods happen even nowdays but NOT GLOBAL! BUT whats MOST often used to put a fire out? WATER!!!!!! The NEXT judgement will end in fire and brimstone! The first was by water! God never said he wont ever again judge the inhabitants of world, both the living and the dead. He said he wont use WATER ! IF ANYONE doesnt know their bible and needs verses to support, that can be done. BUT id encourage everyone to READ AND KNOW their bibles for themselves!

  6. BUT when the earth IS destroyed by fire, it WILL be after the saved have been taken to heaven. AND that will also be after the tribulation! NOBODY is leaving for heaven before the great tribulation! Were going to have to try getting THROUGH IT! So be right with GOD! Dust off your bibles!

  7. Its so easy by reading scripture and not purposely isolating a few verses that pre trib rapture is an oxymoron. There is only resurrection of the dead and remaining alive in Christ rising up to Christ and then coming back down with him ,as where he goes, we go to reign with him on the earth.
    On a side, jacobs trouble for 7 years probally overlaps anti christ reign. And jacobs trouble is for jacob and his 12 tribes. That means the lost tribes of jacob(israel) also partake of jacobs trouble and not just revived nation of israel. Lost tribes are in afganistan, india, europe, america etc. Whats happpening? Much trouble !scripture says desvendents of israel will be like the sand of the sea. 15 million jews are just a drop of israel. There are even tens of millions of just lost judah descendants. Long ago i did research on names as t felt good proving an antisemite was jewish or israel heritage. Most antisemites are descended from those they hate but they didnt know. I stopped when i read that justice belongs to God.

  8. The good news is the end is at hand. But the bad news is that few will be chosen among those that are called. It’s a narrow door to squeeze through. Only those who hail the Coming of Jesus and reveal the Antichrist Obama will be Chosen (apart from TJM and me). There’ll be a few but they’re rather….few. Bible: “Few will be CHosen”

  9. I’m not a Bible scholar.
    I’m not trying to convert anyone.
    In my mind, I just heard the words that “Many will be called but few will be chosen.”
    I’m not trying to pass off as a Bible scholar haha! (nor a Jesus-word speaker) errrr! lol!

    Quote me some Buddhism to match that. hahaha! just sayin’.

  10. Even the French Canadians are coming over to reject the Mandates.
    That’s Trudeau’s last troops.
    Now we have to go after the rest of the world.
    Trump’s social media “Truth Social” (weird name!?*) is coming out today already.

  11. As a kid I thought that all Christians believed in the pre-trib rapture, because I never heard any other end-times scenario for years and years. It’s only in college now I find that the whole “Left Behind” scifi scenario is little more than 100 years old, unheard of and untaught by any Christian theologians before then. Not the Reformers, not the pilgrims who settled the New World, no one. How did it become the majority report in our time?

    Two reasons:

    The Church did not do her duty to teach the whole council of God and left a vacuum to be filled, and…

    …Well-meaning(?) evangelicals, perhaps wishing to wake a sleepy Church out of her doldrums and give her a sense of urgency, took this new Dispensationalist “Left Behind” scenario to the forefront and scared millions of kids into running to the altar to escape the big bad Antichrist.

    What I resent most about it is that it teaches us to fear the wrath of men rather than the justice of God upon sinners! “Get your ticket for the med-evac escape flight before it’s too late and the forces of the Antichrist get you!” Wait a sec… Isn’t it God that I should fear, not men? Isn’t it His righteous justice against my treasonous rebellion against His holy law that I should fear rather than persecution from His enemies? The pre-trib “rapture” thing is a harmful fiction that twists the gospel all out of shape and probably creates a lot of false converts.

  12. Hi there Robin,

    I am happy you saw thru it all! The Lord has spared you.

    Years ago, when I got saved….everyone was talking about this pre-trib ‘rapture’ thing..
    But, heres the kicker: The Pastor of the fellowship I went to always preached: “READ THE WORD!”
    So, I did.
    I never came across anything – anywhere – that talked about this ‘rapture’ thing.

    So, I settled it into my mind that there would not be one. Instead, I focused on what the evil-doers were doing because it is part of my call from our Father God.
    The more I watched these EVIL miscreants, the more I could see how CLOSE we are/were to the beast system and that helped me get prepared for it so that it would not be so hard on me.

    I look forward to overcoming this beast system! In fact, the LORD has given me MANY dreams where I am punching serious holes into the beast.
    I love a good fight!


    Be blessed!

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