♥ My Greta Garbo All ‘Tye-Dyed’ Out Art ♥

Greta Garbo, TYE DYE, TMJ, 2022

I like to keep things colorful and interesting as the world is going to hell in a handbasket…

I think Greta was a very classy looking actress. Of course – she was of the golden Age of Holly-weird before it was really wacko. Many people have mixed this screenshot of Garbo.. Probably because it looks really dynamic. Anyway, I wanted to ‘tye dye’ it. She looks fabulous…

At any rate…lets head into the week and pray for the fall of the beast system cabal. That the LORD will destroy all of their plans in Jesus mighty name.

Here’s a tribute to Garbo.. Great song. Cool pics.

Have a FABULOUS Week!

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