Mad Jewess Video About The Historical TRUTH Of What Happened In #UKRAINE:

Mad Jewess Youtube Video About The Historical TRUTH Of What Happened In #UKRAINE:

I hope it does not get taken down and banned. If it does, I will post it on Brighteon:

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  1. Dec 2013: John McCain address tens of thousands of ‘protesters’ in Ukraine.

    Soros very happy after the fall of Yanukovych in Feb 2014:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead

    Why did they toss Yanukovych out? Because he refused to join the EU. WHY did he refuse? Because Ukraine owed billions in energy bills to Russia.
    He had NO choice. He had to stay with Russian energy because Ukraine was in debt.

    Even the Democrat underground spoke of the farce in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s son securing a seat in the board of directors:

    It was the leaders in the UKRAINIAN govt that URGED Russia to add Crimea back to its territories:

    REP Dana Rohrbacher grills Victoria Nuland for the US sending financial backing to neo nazis in Ukraine:

    Those nazis are called “Azov Battalion:

    The western media claimed this was “Russian propaganda”
    But, Jews began fleeing Ukraine in 2014 and 2015:

    Synagogues were firebombed:

    And, now, a bunch of neo nazis fight Russians….AGAIN:

  2. From an American from Russia:

    The globalist need a war to further collapse the system so they can bring in the Great/Horrible Reset! NATO has been increasingly encroaching closer to the Russian border, via the Ukraine government, which violates treaties devised during WWII. Further, if you remember, during the Obama regime a civil war broke out in Ukraine after the legitimately elected President was overthrown in a “color – Orange – revolution” (sponsored by Soros) – sound familiar?? US & Western Europe (globalist) already had its hand picked puppets to put in power – no election! The Eastern half of Ukraine is inhabited by Russian speaking people. The civil war pitted the Russian speaking population in Ukraine against the Ukrainian speaking population.

    They put a nazi sympathizing government into power who wanted to force the Russian speaking population to stop speaking Russian and other things. Many of these people, including the former President who was overthrown, fled to Russia! At the time, the Russians went into Crimea who had an election in which the people decided they wanted to officially be apart of Russia. The Russians eventually sent troops across the border as per the requests from Crimea as the Ukrainian government was shelling and killing people in Crimea.

    In a nut shell, all that is leading to what’s happening now, and the fact that NATO has been increasingly antagonistic towards Russia. And the globalist want/need something (plandemics, wars, etc) to propel in the reset!

  3. all true! But its complicated still. Ukraine is far more jew hating than russia as the church in ukraine is quite bad to jews. Yet do to communism many ukranians lost jew hatred as church influence declined. Babi yar was a special ukranian jew hate fest. Yet today ukranian jews and many ukranian christians are more laid back and friendlier in general than russians. Ukranians during soviet era got more info than russia in general and more aware of nwo. Ukranians do speak their own language though they all know russian. In israel i have russians & ukranians all around me and know so many. I sure dont wish ukraine part of the nato beast but dont wish russia to take it all either. Putin may indeed come against israel after ukraine done.
    There was a watershed event that tore me to pieces. Years ago putin came to israel to see bibi. He had over 100 experts with him. Bibi thought military etc. Wrong. Most were oil & gas experts. Israel has much gas under med sea. And deep under the gas is very much oil. Only a few nations have technology to extract like usa, u.k. russia and a few others. Russia wanted to be the partner with israel instead of u.s. & u.k. bibi chose to not go with putin- a watershed event. To go with putin would have meant a share in profits instead of competition. It would have even given israel a bit more profit as russias costs were lower. Unknown, but then a chance russia might have reigned in assad to be friendly to israel so all east med sea oil & gas could be developed faster together a benefit to all. It would have angered america but look at america now. Watershed as russia & israel might have become true allies but bibis mistake and enemys may soon be forthcoming.

  4. Ive never thought that the “Gog” was Russia. I agree with Natan, the young prophet from Israel who said that “Obama is the gog”.
    Indeed. He is the one behind this crap.

    I grew up hating Russia.
    the Lord showed me there was nothing to hate anymore since the Bolshevik/Commie seized the american govt and now the Commies are in the white house


    There’s a double map going around that I can’t get to copy/paste here. One map shows Ukraine military airports and the other shows US bio-labs in Ukraine. The labs are by the military airports. If they have been bombed bio-weapons could have been released into the atmosphere. If the rumor of augmented human soldiers being developed in Ukraine are true I don’t suppose they would be a traveling airborne contamination risk post bombing.

  6. Every time I hear the words “graphene,” or ” nanotek” I think of the “black oil” in the “X-files. So I let my fingers do some walking.

    Halfway down the page is a video showing graphene reacting to a cell phone. It looks just like the black oil on X-files! Another video on the page shows graphene “eating” coins – magnetism.

    The X-files portrayed some instances of conspiracy theory or urban legend that was already well known decades prior to the show so most of us wondered if ALL of it was actually true (or parts at least.) If anyone can identify the language used in the cellphone video I would like to know. (Can hardly hear it.)

  7. Where do you find all this kook? Yea ive heard most of all of it. Im curious and interested. Legitimacy of information. I believe the END is very near! COME JESUS! Your people NEED YOU

  8. The ways of heaven are unfathomable Pauli.
    We’re doing great.
    It’s getting closer and closer.
    It’s now very soon and coming at us fast: the Apocalypse.

  9. Pauli: Here is a video that may interest you. Steve Schultz is talking with Johnny Enlow. At the 1:09-minute mark, Johnny talks about a 9.0 earthquake that hit Antarctica on 27 December 2020. This earthquake was NEVER reported by the mainstream media. You would think that an earthquake that big would make headlines everywhere. I believe the Lord used the earthquake to destroy some Deep State facility in Antarctica–maybe it was a deep underground military base (DUMB). Evil men think they can build tunnels and underground bases out of sight of satellites, but the Lord sees everything.

    Here is some more on deep underground military bases. Phil Schneider was an engineer who worked in underground tunnels. I believe he was the first whistleblower on DUMBs and other military black projects. He had eleven attempts on his life; on the twelfth attempt, he was finally killed in 1996.

    Phil Schneider’s Life and Death

  10. The Bible says “Many signs of the Apocalypse will be there for everyone with eyes to see to see.”

    People are talking about the end times.

  11. The sign of the end times Pauli :look/ you know that “It takes a man of wisdom to calculate the Mark of the Beast 666” says the Bible
    We’ve seen lots of speculation about 666 being the COVID jab, at this forum
    But what tilts in favor of 666 being the lottery draw is the wanton spending spree you see all the Leftist commies in the West are engaging in.
    It’s because they want to make us into slaves and be dependent upon the government for handouts, and their goal is to take away our freedom by making us pay, like a drunk sailor binge spending at a brothel while he’s high on coke and the girls egg him on all they can.

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