#PALLYWOOD, #Ukraine Style: 10 Videos/Photos From #UKRAINE That Are Fake:

PALLYWOOD, Ukraine Style 10 Videos/Photos From #UKRAINE That Are Fake:

WHY any Jewish person would be supporting the Ukraine ‘side’ right now is beyond my comprehension. However, many are. Like David Frum the idiot. OR, whats-his-face Crystal. How would both of these numbskulls feel if they knew their beloved Ukie Azov battalion Nazi’s were pushing Pallywood style propaganda: Game footage being shared as ‘Ukraine videos’

Being used in UKRAINE as war propaganda.

This photo is actually from 2017. YEMEN.

If your ‘side’ has to use FAKE video’s and photo’s…

Then, your ‘side’ is FOS.

6 thoughts on “#PALLYWOOD, #Ukraine Style: 10 Videos/Photos From #UKRAINE That Are Fake:

  1. Mostly just news lies but occasionally wrong images out of sheer laziness of oh that image will do, but still fakery news prevails.

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