Is It Time To Just Stop Blogging For Me?

I have a couple of things on my heart and mind since Barack Hussein Obama became America’s first foreign dictator: 1. To draw people closer to the Lord. 2. To try to help others stop wars overseas and present the truth of what our government is doing. 3. To stop the “Beast system” (US Government and it’s ungodly reach, worldwide.) 4. To show the absolute genocide that is taking place all over the world because of the vaccine. 5. Just as important as 2-4: TO TELL THE TRUTH AS I SEE IT COMING IN BECAUSE OUR MEDIA LIES, 24/7.

When I hear of some readers who have been with me many years undermine me in email and even on my own blog, I think its time to just can this blog. My work has been in vain if 2 of my most smartest readers think I’m a f’cking idiot.

I feel as if I have totally wasted my time now. Today, I got my face slapped twice and I just don’t know if I can keep going now.

The fact that I blog and friggin blog and get undermined and ‘told off’ by people who I have known for years, (who say I am telling the truth) but then may as well call me a liar…I just dont know if I can continue.