“#RussianLivesMatter” Says Candace Owens. Brava Candace.

“#RussianLivesMatter” Says Candace Owens. Brava Candace:

I’m sick and tired of people dumping on Russia. Like Putin is the leading cause of their problems. We never heard a peep about Russia until OUR government went into Kiev and overthrew the parliament in 2014. THEN, it was non-stop “Russia, Russia, Russia”. Why? Because the hypocrites in OUR government had to project their own totalitarian ways onto Russia. They had to take the attention off what THEY did to Ukraine and the way to do this was to accuse Russia of what THEY did. PROJECTION.

This man says exactly what is happening in Ukraine:

Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault?’ Featuring John Mearsheimer:

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