The Peacock & The Harlequin Digi Art

Peacock & Harlequin, 3/2022, Tmj

I had fun digitizing this one. It’s a watercolor program. I ‘married’ these 2 images off pinterest, then ran them through my watercolors.

Anyway, I have slept 3 days after a very trying episode in my little life. I also was on short fuse – but, it’s winding down now. Ive had very little patience with issues.

Anyway…I pray you all have a super nice ‘rest of the week’ & this wknd. Thanks for the few commenters here that come by and offer their thoughts. Our statistics have been really good lately. But, Im pretty firm about how I feel with people now: If People Are Going To Keep Believing The Satanic/NWO/Beast Media – I’m Not Helping Ya’all Anymore. Im not really in the mood to converse with people who are parroting media. If people have not learned to go look at the OTHER side of ANY issue the media is forcing on us – then I cant help you. Cya-wouldnt-wanna-be-ya. I’m FINITE’.

For your listening pleasure and since we’re fighting Covid/Globalist Nazis and Ukrainian Nazis, let’s sing like it’s 1945:

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