The Exposé UK, Fake-Raine: One Man’s Trip Through The Hollywood Movie Set We Know As “Ukraine.”

The Exposé UK: One Man’s Trip Through The Hollywood Movie Set We Know As “Ukraine.”

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

Here is the website:

Here is one of his videos showing nothing much happening in Ukraine:

9 thoughts on “The Exposé UK, Fake-Raine: One Man’s Trip Through The Hollywood Movie Set We Know As “Ukraine.”

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for this. I realised from the off that the so-called war seemed suspect. After all the globalists were being hard pressed by the truth so what to do. Come up with more lies, fake an all out war. If the Russians really wanted to crush Ukraine I’m sure they could.

  2. The link to the Twitter account that I sent was about the Pfizer CEO Bourla saying he had been unconvinced recommended the Messenger RNA vaccines. But they’re taking that down.

  3. Albert Bourla on why mRNA technology was “counterintuitive” to producing an effective vaccine
    7,808 views Mar 10, 2022 “It was counterintuitive because Pfizer was mastering or let’s say we had very good experience and expertise with multiple technologies that could give a vaccine…mRNA was the technology that we had less experience with, only two years working on this. And actually, MRNA was a technology that never delivered a single product until that day. Not vaccine, not any other medicine, so it was very counterintuitive.”- Albert Bourla

  4. Bourla at Pfizer is afraid of the gavel coming down on him and being jailed.
    He’s panicked.
    They’re all running for cover.
    Court-time for them.

  5. Gotta stand up and refuse the Mark of 666 in our hands and foreheads.
    It’s the government squandering our money.
    They’re creating debt.
    So they’re selling us like slaves to the debtors.

  6. They’re chopping us up into quarters like pounds of meat, folks. They’re chopping us up like raw meat folks!!!! STOP THEM!
    Don’t let the gov and Antichrist Obama control our money and chalk up debt behind our backs, Hold them accountable for every cent they vote into law. Send them the message: “EVERY $ OVER BUDGET WILL LAND YOU ONE MINUTE IN JAIL. 50$ will be one HOUR sitting in a cell, and $50K will be 1000 hours or 40 days!!!! JUST SO YOU KNOW IT!”

    Tell the gov and Obama that!!!! LOCK HIM UP. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!

    for Christ’s sake – “for crying out loud”…

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