Idiot NYPost Headline Makes It Look Like Putin Killed A Russian Model: Her BOYFRIEND Killed Her:

Idiot NYPost Article Makes It Look Like Putin Killed A Russian Model – Her BOYFRIEND Killed Her:

I used to read the NYPOST in the palm of my hand… it used to crack me up. Now, it’s just a Commie RAG!!

“Vedler’s ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, 23, has now confessed to strangling her to death before driving her 300 miles to the Lipetsk region and abandoning the body in the boot of a car,” the Daily Star reports. Here it is at the DEMONIC LYING NY Post, which USED to be a good newspaper.

Look how they made this headline appear!!

I’m so desponded and disappointed in how people have become. My hubby has been posting for me more because I am just blown away lately.

5 thoughts on “Idiot NYPost Headline Makes It Look Like Putin Killed A Russian Model: Her BOYFRIEND Killed Her:

  1. Praying for you and your husband for blessings and for the Creator to encourage your heart and soul with the many good things that are happening in the world, besides the discouraging stuff like this, there always are plenty of inspiring things from the many good people all over the world, but sometimes the encouraging truths have to be searched for in places other than newspapers, etc.. Don’t let stuff get you down. He is always faithful and many are turning to Him despite the evil in the world.
    Chag Sameach.
    Shabbat Shalom,
    Chaya חיה

  2. Pauli, Satan’s on the prowl, so don’t take his Mark of the Beast 666.

    It’s time we put a dog restraint leash on the Beast Obama, the Devil.

    What does he like? Money:

    so refuse the handouts he’s voting into the budget so as to make us slaves,…

    …and seize his private property and his family’s holdings, and lock him up for one year for every $billon he and Obiden spend, that increases the debt: close him down before year’s end.

    Slow Obama The Mutt Down, until the dog can’t breath anymore and has to give up it’s prey (us).

    Let’s petition Obama for him to go to jail for every cent he spends that shoots over the budget.

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