#Ukraine Children & Teens: ‘Heil Hitler’ Marches. Jonathan Greenblatt Of #ADL’s ‘Nice’ #Azov #Nazis.

#Ukraine Children & Teens: ‘Heil Hitler’ Marches. Jonathan Greenblatt Of #ADL’s ‘Nice’ #Azov #Nazis.

I found this one again and uploaded it. The kids in Ukraine are little Nazi’s. They’ll grow up torturing fellow Ukrainians. Putin is correct when he says “Russia wants to de-nazify Ukraine”. Like it or not, he’s telling the absolute truth.

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  1. Hi Pauli,

    Antichrist Obama reveals his cousin is Dick Cheney. It’s at 5:00: “My cousin Dick Cheney.”


    Look at 5:00: Obama says “My cousin is Dick Cheney.”

  3. YouTube took the video down. Have you thought about opening up a Rumble account? They won’t censor your videos, unlike the Scru-U2be Nazis.

  4. I got a message from Obama’s second cousin Linda Joy Adams about that video of Obama I sent above. (her blog is called “Linda Joy Adams”blogspot.com) Her message is very interesting about the links between the Hunt family and the English royals. And their link to Obama and Linda’s family. Now in the Ukraine War, it’s interesting to have the full picture of the Russian royalty and their influence on the West.

    “This reference to Cheney was after my info got out and have no knowledge of him being related o Cheney other than very distant cousin through the Medici’s back a couple of hundred years. Dick Cheney and Ross Perot are first cousins and their mother was first cousin my mom who raised me Florene Ethyl Hunt. and the first cousin of the founders of Hunt Oil Albert Jr and H L Hunt and all second or third cousins of Pope John Paul II whose grandmother was sister o. Dick Cheney is not a Dickey but Hunt, that was his mother’s first husband’s name…His grandfather was Charie Hunt and on FLK is a picture of me wth My Great Uncle Charlie, who is the grandfather of Cheney and Perot and brother of even Queen Elizabeth’s mother but not fully confirmed but a child out of wedlock taken home by her dad and raised with his family The Royals do not marry outside the inner circle..much as even Prince William married a Romanov, descendant of Czar Nicholas II through Maria, my aunt..
    How does one post to my blogger site…as tired and seems to not work…I thought is scanned in…then could post from a folder… These are the basics not being around computers after 1995 until 2008 I think Obama still did not know the truth when he said this about Cheney but was aware of my posts already…butt none would tell him? Or if he did, then he was convicted to cover it all up….But he might be a 12the cousin or 20th one..unless his grandmother was… and her origins are the biggest mystery of all in this.. This is all on Daily T=recap back in 2012 on Dick Cheney’s grandfather…and Dick Cheney lied in his book and the picture of Charlie Hunt is listed as Dickey…. a divorced woman could not play softball league and she lied. and very well could be on birth record as former name, not maiden name….they were not close as adults with Great uncle Charlie Hunt…”

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