Sanctioning #Russia Is A FAIL & A FLOP. It’s Leading To Rationing Food & HIGH Gas Prices In EU & USA

Sanctioning #Russia Is A FAIL & A FLOP. It’s Leading To Rationing Food & HIGH Gas Prices In EU & USA

Whether people like it or not…. Russia and Putin are God’s battle axe and weapon of war against the west and it’s stubbornness, abominations, sin & debauchery. Wicked SO evil that I’m surprised the LORD has allowed this for so long. Alas, He is merciful..

Jo-Bama patting himself on the back while trying to blow smoke up everyone’s azz. ‘Look at me, I’m releasing millions of gallons of oil from the PUBLIC’S reserve. No, I am not opening up oil fields on PUBLIC lands for drilling. I have made it more difficult to drill. I have shut down pipelines & not allowed any new building of refineries. Yep, I’m your ‘blow smoke up your azz’ president, you stupid moronic taxpayers. I & my family are going to fleece you for everything we can. The laws do not apply to us you simple minded serfs’

Germany: They’re preparing for gas rationing

Gas in Germany, flour in Greece, sunflower oil in Spain – European countries take steps towards rationing as the war in Ukraine adds to the global supply crunch: See that here

Here in the states: @ SHTF Plan

Epic Economist is finally correct:

Since Europe and America now HATE God, this is the punishment. AND…It IS going to get much, much worse.


9 thoughts on “Sanctioning #Russia Is A FAIL & A FLOP. It’s Leading To Rationing Food & HIGH Gas Prices In EU & USA

  1. Yep prices have gone up. Gas isn’t something I have to worry about now I’ve sold the car…

  2. We’re getting HIT here too, Geir!
    This is just OBAMA THE ANTI CHRIST pushing the Lord around because Russia is a Christian country that is fighting the beast

  3. Yes Pauli, The USA and NATO are Obama’s puppets and he uses them to advance his agenda.
    The Antichrist is using us in Europe as expendable cannon-fodder.
    Amerika under the Antichrist is trying to stiff Europe.
    Those in America that still have a heart and eyes to see, have to leave behind the world of the Antichrist.

  4. They want no more cars. Just up prices of gas, repairs, insurance, tax and most will have no car with out an outright ban. No gas or hybrid cars. Just electric so your quota for month wont charge a car.
    In israel i need a car to go up and down a mountain. But at $9 a gallon is doable as the country is small and i dont go far. But in america much travel is needed just to get groceries. A big country must have low gas prices.
    The residue will be stomped with the beast feet. But the other animals set it up so the bear has to stomp.
    Ptepare to die in Christ but hope to live in Christ.

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