Sister Golden Hair (Digital Art)

Digi-art, Sister Golden hair, TMJ 2022

So, Im taking the wknd off. My tinnitus has been a REAL beyotch. David was so kind to buy me these tinnitus masking aids for my ears but the sound therapy in them AINT cuttin it! So, I need some recuperation time for my poor ear. Im super edgy right now. And, that addles the wits, (what little I have), LOL

Anyway… I have enclosed some “AMERICA” songs for you to reminisce over..

♥ Have a nice Shabbat and/or Church. ♥

5 thoughts on “Sister Golden Hair (Digital Art)

  1. TY PAULI! Yes you deserve time off. weekend. Im so sorry about the tinnitus too. Thanks for all you do. HUGS

  2. I hope God gives you some relief Pauli! You do know that Dan Peek came to know Jesus back in the 70s before he left America for a solo career. I know he passed away a number of years ago and is now in Heaven’s choir with other musicians who came to know Jesus before they passed.

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