All Good Gifts Come From GOD.

I woke up early this morning and looked at my Ipad. What I saw made me gasp, even weep a little. We all see so much horror now, ya know? It’s easy to get caught up in the horror because it’s all so unbelievable.

At any rate, all good gifts come from the Lord, Yahveh.

Feast your eyes on Gods glorious creations.

This is the picture that made me gasp:

Oriental Dwarf “Kingfisher”

This is called “Secretary bird”

Look at this birds eyelashes!

I don’t know the name of this little one but is he cute or what?! I saw a couple of people say that it is a “Pink Robin”

This one will blow your mind… It is called “Rainbow owl”

I don’t know this birds name but I LOVE her little headdress!

I don’t know this ones little name but isn’t he gorgeous?!

One last beauty, no name was on this one either but who cares! Just LOOK at it!


Thank you, Father for giving us such beauty.

I ♥ You, Father.

34 thoughts on “All Good Gifts Come From GOD.

  1. I will borrow this phrase from prophet Robin D. Bullock: God Is Absolutely Good (G.I.A.G.)

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  3. Oh, so beautiful and cute! What a wonderful blessing this post and these photos are. Our Creator is wonderful and show us His creative artistry to bring us happiness. ❤
    תודה רבה
    שבת שלום, חיה

  4. Long since having moved out of CA to the Silver State, I’ve seen many of God’s creatures, hitherto only in pictures. Some years ago, on one occasion, while performing my duties patrolling a Fed Ex truckyard, I came across a speckled hawk; this bird was LARGE.
    It was perched on the top railing of stairs at one of their warehouse doors. I was observing this work of God, and suddenly realized that it was scrutinizing me as closely as I was it. There was an unmistakable intelligence in its eyes. After nearly a minute, it calmly opened its wings and flew off.
    I’ve also seen up close, Mallard Ducks, whose colors, not obvious in pictures, were iridescent!
    Among other species, I’ve seen Crows, and Ravens; Ravens make crows look small, they are just that big.
    Not up close, but still clear, I’ve seen both Bald and Golden Eagles.
    My home state, where you reside, has its own beauty, but you’d rarely, if ever see any of these.

  5. Gonna make a lot of enemies here hahahaha!:
    Russian Patriarch Kirill says Orthodox church and faithful are holding back the AntiChrist

    The USA and Obama are the Antichrist.

    Obama lottery 666 you have got to see this

  6. Pauli pass on that the Russian Patriarch is on board. Now it’s all over. The Russians have rallied over 20 countries on their side. Obama’s USA is wide open and those who don’t take his crap must now gather and rule the world.

  7. Putin has been going after the Cabal in Ukraine. They were planning to release an extremely deadly corona virus to wipe out 2/3 of the world population. Putin was having none of that!

  8. “myfoxmystere on April 8, 2022 at 8:15 PM said:
    Putin has been going after the Cabal in Ukraine. They were planning to release an extremely deadly corona virus to wipe out 2/3 of the world population. Putin was having none of that!”

    Wow that’s the Apocalypse. Killing all those people is what’s written in the Bible for the Apocalypse. And the Russian Patriarch coming out with 300 million faithful behind him to call out the UNHOLY ALLIANCE of EU and Ukrainians, NATO, USA, Obama as the Antichrist is earth-shaking.

    I’ve been on Pauli The Mad Jewess’s blog for about four years now and we’ve worked out some pretty heavy angles about Satan Obama. I’ve particularly studied the Tibetan Kalachakra Apocalypse and put Obama into context of that. The arch evil is Islam in that prophecy.

    In Iranian Azerbaijan (which borders on Ukraine, just south of the Black Sea) the Mongol King Hulagu Khan established an empire which destroyed Baghdad and it’s Caliph but protected the Christians, the friendly Muslims, as well as the Jews and Buddhists. That’s the holy sacred land.

  9. Christians and other faiths all lived in good intelligence during the 80 years of the mongol Hulagu (“hulagid”) dynasty of Hulagu’s descendants.
    But the wild Muslims were kept on a short leash.
    The Muslims have now gone out of control and have run wild and Antichrist Obama’s going amok in Ukraine.
    See how happy and laughing and playful he was yesterday at the White House?
    The Antichrist loves blood and death.
    The Patriarch Kirill is right: the Antichrist is Obama and the West.

  10. Pauli, look they’re making death threats against Putin and Kirill.

    …saying it’s blasphemy to say Ukraine and NATO/Obama are the Antichrist.

    Brrrr! these people are squarely outright mental and damm scary.

    It’s at 5:40 quoting from Leviticus 24:16.

  11. The Patriarch Kirill is making the Obama buddies soooo mad!!!!!!!!!

    Vigano had written exactly this. Which once again shows that Vigano is being fed KGB propaganda directly from Moscow.

    “Russian Patriarch says Orthodox faithful are holding back the antichrist”

    Wow! they’re mad as hell at Putin! For Christ’s sake!

  12. Archbishop Vigano speaks about Russia fighting the Antichrist.


    Letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the war in Ukraine: “Putin fights the Antichrist”
    8 March, 202218 March, 2022 Claudio Fabian Guevara Columnists, Counter face, Plandemia: The other side of Covid 19
    Archbishop Viganò pronounces on the war in Ukraine. “Russia and Ukraine today can play a momentous role in the restoration of Christian civilization,” he states in a letter.
    In an open letter, the archbishop pronounces Carlo Maria Vigano about the war in Ukraine.

    There he expresses his support for the actions of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. “Russia can play the role of katechon, that is, the last obstacle in the path of the Antichrist,” Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano said in his statement on what is happening in Ukraine on March 6.

    In a long 24-page statement, the archbishop addresses all aspects of what is happening (history, causes, Nazism in Ukraine, its roots, etc.), stating that the situation in Ukraine was caused by the Biden administration, NATO and the EU.

    Viganó says that the Western media is full of lies and falsehoods about what is happening. For the architects of the new world order, the events in Ukraine are but one more step in the destruction of the old world and the construction of a new world order.

    Speaking of the crisis of spirituality in the West, Viganò affirms: “The world crisis, with whose help the disintegration of traditional society is being prepared, has also affected the Catholic Church, whose hierarchy is hostage to apostates who are courtiers of power. The Rome of the Caesars and the Popes is now deserted and silent, as the Second Rome of Constantinople has been for centuries.

    “Perhaps Providence predetermined that Moscow, the Third Rome, will assume today in the eyes of the world the role of a katechon, an eschatological barrier to the Antichrist,” Viganò suggested. “Russia and Ukraine today can play a momentous role in the restoration of Christian civilization, contributing to the establishment of a period of peace in the world, from which the Church will also be resurrected, cleansed and renewed in its ministers.”

    Consequently, the archbishop declared that “the United States of America and the European nations must not marginalize Russia, but make an alliance with her, not only to restore trade for the benefit of general prosperity, but also in view of the restoration of a Christian civilization, which is the only one that can save the world from the globalist techno-medical transhumanist monster».

    Archbishop Viganò says about the war in Ukraine:

    The Ukraine crisis, which is presented to us as a consequence of Vladimir Putin’s expansionist arrogance towards an independent and democratic nation on which he tries to claim absurd rights. The “warmonger Putin” is said to be massacring the defenseless population, who have bravely risen up to defend the soil of their homeland, the sacred borders of their nation, and the violated liberties of citizens. The European Union and the United States, “defenders of democracy”, say they are unable not to intervene through NATO to restore Ukraine’s autonomy, expel the “invader” and guarantee peace. Faced with the “arrogance of the tyrant”, it is said that the peoples of the world should form a common front, imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation and sending soldiers, weapons and economic aid to the “poor” President Zelenskyy, “national hero” and “defender” from his town. As proof of Putin’s “violence”, the media broadcast images of bombings, military searches and destruction, attributing responsibility to Russia. And there is more: precisely to guarantee a “lasting peace”, the European Union and NATO open their arms to welcome Ukraine as a member. And to prevent “Soviet propaganda”, Europe is turning off Russia Today and Sputnik, to ensure that information is “free and independent”.
    The Russo-Ukrainian crisis did not suddenly erupt a month ago. It has been prepared and promoted for a long time, certainly starting with the 2014 white coup that was desired by the US deep state in an anti-Russian key. There is evidence of long-term premeditation, consistent with NATO’s relentless eastward expansion. The Euromaidan Color Revolution, as well as the establishment of a pro-NATO government, were aimed at creating conditions for Ukraine’s subordination to the NATO bloc, away from the influence of the Russian Federation. To this end, the subversive action of the Hungarian philanthropist’s NGOs, supported by media propaganda, has kept silent the crimes of the neo-Nazi paramilitary organizations, financed by the same sponsors of Zelenskyy.
    It is very worrying that the destinies of the peoples of the world are in the hands of an elite that is accountable to no one for its decisions, that does not recognize any authority above itself and that, in order to pursue its own interests, does not hesitate to endanger the security, the economy and the very lives of billions of people, with the complicity of the politicians at their service and the big media. The falsification of facts, the grotesque adulterations of reality and the partisanship with which the news is spread coexist with the censorship of dissenting voices and give rise to forms of ethnic persecution against Russian citizens, who are discriminated against precisely in the countries that are said to be democratic and respectful of fundamental rights.

  14. Pauli, check out your spam file for Vigano’s letter that I sent you.

    Look at this video it’s got a list of topics.

    The priest talks about the “katechon” (the “obstacle to the Antichrist”). they’re really upset about Vigano calling out the Antichrist [Obama].

  15. Pauli, the Catholics are on fire about Obama/the West being the Antichrist. Wow! (I put asterisks where the article talks about the Antichrist and the “katechon”)

    Is Archbishop Viganò Looking East?

    Before you start reading this article, please do me one favor. Forget everything you’ve read about Archbishop Viganò’s latest “declaration” on Ukraine. Let’s not talk about his views on geopolitics, whatever their merits. Politics don’t matter. The only thing that matters is getting ourselves right with God, and God is an absolute monarch. There are no politics in His kingdom. That’s why we call it “Heaven.”

    Let’s talk instead about Archbishop Viganò’s views on the Church, which matter quite a bit more in the final analysis. In this new “declaration,” His Excellency makes an astonishing claim:

    The world crisis with which the dissolution of traditional society is being prepared has also involved the Catholic Church, whose hierarchy is held hostage by apostates who are courtiers of power. There was a time in which popes and prelates confronted kings without concern for human respect, because they knew they spoke with the voice of Jesus Christ, the King of kings. The Rome of the Caesars and popes is now deserted and silent, just as for centuries the Second Rome of Constantinople has also been silent. ***Perhaps Providence has ordained that Moscow, the Third Rome, will today in the sight of the world take on the role of κατέχον (2 Thess. 2:6-7), of eschatological obstacle to the Antichrist.*** If the errors of Communism were spread by the Soviet Union, even to the point of imposing themselves within the Church, Russia and Ukraine can today have an epochal role in the restoration of Christian civilization, contributing to bringing the world a period of peace from which the Church too will rise again purified and renewed in her ministers. (emphasis added)

    Let’s break that down. The Catholic Church is led by “apostates.” What’s more, Rome is “deserted.” (His Excellency doesn’t say it’s vacant, but he comes as close as he can.) Moscow is now the “obstacle” that holds the Antichrist at bay until the Second Coming—holding the line, as it were, until Our Lord returns. Traditionally, this obstacle is understood to be the Church, against whom the gates of Hell shall not prevail.

    Again, this isn’t a political claim. This has nothing to do with holy Russia fighting the godless West. Archbishop Viganò is hinting strongly at the view that the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow is now effectively the primus inter pares. With the help of Vladimir Putin, he will lead the universal Church until the Roman clergy are “purified and renewed.”

    As you know, the Orthodox refer to Constantinople as the “Second Rome” because they believe the pope lost much of his spiritual authority following the Great Schism of 1054. Moscow came to be known as the “Third Rome” because, after the Byzantine Empire collapsed in 1453, Russia was the greatest Christian power in the world and some Orthodox came to believe Moscow was the new seat of authority in Christianity.

    Well, then, there are only two ways to read Archbishop Viganò’s extraordinary statement. The first is that he’s converting to Russian Orthodoxy. The second, and more likely, is this: rather than taking his political cues from religion, he takes his religious cues from politics. It’s the same fundamental error the Orthodox fell into. If His Excellency and his supporters follow this line of thinking, they, too, will soon find themselves outside of the Catholic Church.

    Ironically, Archbishop Viganò is quite a bit like William Montgomery Brown—the “Bad Bishop”. An Anglican prelate who became a fanatical communist, Brown was excommunicated by the Episcopal Church (no mean feat!) in 1924.

    “Lenin is the great leader of the people of the world,” he wrote in Christianity and Communism. “The Russian Bolsheviki occupy the highest peak in man’s history; and while they stand, the world will be safe for industrial democracy.” Immediately after his excommunication, Brown was offered orders in the Russian Orthodox Church, which was by then under the Soviets’ power.

    Really, I don’t mean to insult Archbishop Viganò. All I mean is this: like Brown, Viganò is being swept away by trends in modern politics. His (legitimate!) anger at the West is blinding him to the evils of the Russian government. And so he’s letting the clamor of current events drown out the “still, small voice” that spoke to Elijah. It’s the voice of reason—the voice of God.

    I won’t end this article by calling for Archbishop Viganò’s resignation or urging traditionalists to condemn him. Even if I believed in mobs, who am I to lead one? But faithful Catholics deserve a fair warning that His Excellency’s position is untenable, and Catholic publications should think twice before carrying his future “declarations.”

    His Excellency is clearly flirting with schism. If he keeps down this road, he and his followers will separate themselves, not only with the Bishop of Rome, but from the universal Church.

  16. This guy says the right stuff about COVID but he’s got it wrong about Jews.

    (Pauli, its Islam that’s the problem and the Leftists. Not Jews.)

    But I’m sending his link because he’s on board going after the Antichrist. He just doesn’t see it’s Obama. But he’s not far from getting it but may not ever get it….

    Check this out just for the info. It’s interesting but I can’t endorse his Antisemitism and racism. Just sayin’ to make it clear to you.

  17. EXCLUSIVE: New poll finds 103 million Americans – including many Jews, agnostics, even atheists – see COVID pandemic as sign of biblical prophecy and the ‘last days’

    JERUSALEM—The introduction of the novel coronavirus into the world in December 2019, and its lightning fast spread around the planet, has rattled people in every country, including Americans.

    COVID has taken the lives of more than six million people worldwide.

    It has changed the way we travel, the way we do business, the way we run schools and affected so many other areas of life.

    Now, a new survey indicates that Americans think something far more significant is in motion than simply a nasty disease.

    Fully four-in-ten Americans believe that the COVID pandemic is a sign that biblical prophecy is coming to pass and that we are living in the “last days” before the return of Christ.

    Two-out-of-three Evangelical Christians believe this.

    But so do one-in-four American Jews.

    And almost one-in-three self-identified “secular” Americans.

  18. Ksenia Sobchak Israel

    Pauli, the daughter of Leningrad Mayor and Putin’s political guide Anatoli Sobchak, got her Israeli passport.

    Haaretz: Ksenia Sobchak received Israeli citizenship

    By Natasha Kumar
    APR 10, 2022

    Haaretz: Ksenia Sobchak received Israeli citizenship

    The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that Russian journalist Ksenia Sobchak has received Israeli citizenship.

    A source familiar with the details confirmed to Haaretz that Sobchak and her son are from the first marriage, they received Israeli citizenship.

    It is specified that Sobchak’s maternal grandfather is a Jew. The father of her son, Maxim Vitorgan, is also of Jewish origin.

  19. This thread is chilling.

    Residents in #Shanghai screaming from high rise apartments after 7 straight days of the city lockdown. The narrator worries that there will be major problems. (in Shanghainese dialect—he predicts people can’t hold out much longer—he implies tragedy).

  20. Tucker Carlson on the COVID lockdown in Shanghai: “Has there ever been a clearer picture of what hell is like?”

  21. 25 million in Shanghai are starving to death.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!
    It’s Antichrist’ Obama’s warmongering in Ukraine the culprit. And he put Biden in place to provoke war with Taiwan too.

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