There Is Talk That Barry Obama Is Going To “Legally Slither Back In As President”

There Is Talk That Barry Obama Is Going To “Legally Slither Back In As President”

Me, Geir, Ken and David Ben Moshe (Yes, even David Ben Moshe!) all believe that Obama is the son-of-perdition, the Anti-Christ. I really don’t have much of a doubt that Barry will probably take the White House by force, again.

Quote from “American Thinker”

Barack Obama was at the White House yesterday, making it clear, as did others at the reception held in Obama’s honor, that Biden’s presidency is over. Watching Obama suck the oxygen out of the room made me wonder if Obama is planning a comeback, something he can easily do. “Obama’s aiming to get back into the Oval Office,” asserts Andrea Widburg.

At any rate, this is the article on WND last night:

Look at the poll results they took:

Are we about to witness the greatest power grab in history?

10 thoughts on “There Is Talk That Barry Obama Is Going To “Legally Slither Back In As President”

  1. Am still open minded observer.. what gets me is the oddity that hebrew to english does say that satan fell as barak obama. Soetoro hebrew value is 666. Hate the word president before his name as he was never a legal president. Ive seen the kenya newspaper archives and he was born in mombasa. He cant be a president unless both parents u.s. citizens if he born outside usa. What i understand is his mom, age 17 (minor child) gave up u.s citizenahip for indonesian, which as minor, means even citizenship wont transfer to the child. Yes, obama is an illegal alien. Frank marshall davis is not his daddy but his substitute daddy. People who dispute this weaken the case against the illegal alien. And alien indeed is he. Demons are aliens.
    A conn. Ss # from a dead french immigrant. The huge criminal activity at all levels to put this slug in is scary indeed. Hillary could have destroyed wonderfully with less effort so obama wasnt needed. So what seems vital is not just destruction but who do the destruction. For some reason obama had to do it instead of hillary.
    My biggest hold back is most of israel would never accept hated obama. But thats changed. All jabbed people still alive when the 6G satellites are turned on., already in orbit and ready but need turned on at rise of antichrist momemt, will instantly love obama as instructed. The jabbed all lose free will when the switch is flipped on. Then israel will love obama. Im a hard case and cant say he is mr. Perditions son but its looking more and more so each day.

  2. By US law, a legally qualified person can serve up to 10 years as President. That was put in after the amendment to limit the Presidential terms to 2 terms came into law after FDR died. The amendment stated that a VP finishing up a President’s term could run for 2 full terms if the term he or she was finishing was less than 2 years. If 0 tries to steal and usurp the office from 2023 on, he can serve those 2 stolen years unless the fake Presidency gets exposed with Bidet and Hairballz getting taken out and court martialed. Their plot is to keep Bidet on the porcelain Oval throne until at least 2023 to get 0 back on the throne.

  3. Obama caters to the Jews, saints. His cousin is Capers S. Funnye: a Black Hebrew Israelite (a racist Antisemite black cult) so-called rabbi who started his own synagogue and twisted some arms to be accepted by the Jews. these guys claim the real Jews are black and all the Ashkenazis (from Russia… and Eastern Europe) are not real Jews.

    Saints there another narrative where Obama’s name is Barry Parks Rosa Parks’ nephew. Ask yourself why the CIA and Obama’s Leftist don’t want that talked about. Honestly.

    Beautiful presentation Pauli. We’ve been honing this message for years now and it’s getting to be finely tuned now. Great work. We’re getting our troops lined up for the D Day here at TMJ. Even David Ben Moshe! lol! hahaha!

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