Is Another Mask-Fascist, Needle-NAZI Lockdown Coming Again?

Is Another Mask-Fascist, Needle-NAZI Lockdown Coming Again?

I believe so. But, I’m not God..And could be wrong. However, I totally believe we’re ‘in’ the last days and anything is possible since satan is out on the loose and the beast system is in full swing.

It ALL started in China (with the lockdowns) and here it is again with Shanghai: Shanghai extends covid lockdown “indefinitely,” sparking rebellion

CNN is vamping it up also: As usual. In fact, most of the fake news media is propping it all up.

Scott Morefield@ScottMorefield

Philadelphia is re-instituting an indoor mask mandate because its feckless leaders think that will somehow stop or slow the spread of Covid. Philadelphians would do well to just ignore these tyrannical, ignorant clowns.

If it does happen, prepare for the Mask fascists and the Needle Nazis. Stay away from them.

We’ll see…..

I HOPE I’m wrong.

5 thoughts on “Is Another Mask-Fascist, Needle-NAZI Lockdown Coming Again?

  1. Yeh, hope u are wrong but doubt it. What is coming, with or without muzzles, is a digital cashless economy and internet only available for the jabbed. No buy or sell legally with out a jab is in the script of the reset.

  2. I have some links to the “Eleventh Hour” podcasts from February and March of this year which deal with the lockdown. They’re always on Tuesdays at 11 AM Central Time live. The Tuesday dates on my blog will have the links to Robin Bullock’s webcasts.

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