Sorry Readers, I Have A Stomach Flu Or Something

I’ll be back in a day and a half. Its funny how when I don’t write at all, my stats are to the moon and when I DO write, 8 or 9 new viewers.. I get MORE than 8 or 9 comments on my 8 or 9 viewer days… WordPress is also a Leftist op.

Anyway, I was fighting off this nasty virus ALL last week! I thought it was just my usual IBS/Lactose intolerance but then I had a fever yesterday! So, Dave gave me Amoxicillin and voila, I started feeling much better.

So, I’ll be back by late Tuesday OR Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Sorry Readers, I Have A Stomach Flu Or Something

  1. Get well asap. And tea, crackers and rest helps too. Good timing for passover crackers.

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  4. Islam is the worst thing existing (and God-dammed Antichrist Obama is a Islam-Leftist piece of crap)

    Burning the Koran is no bog loss it’s got 109 passages saying to kill all Infidels like Jews and Christians

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