Another Vaxxed Pilot Goes Into Cardiac Arrest in Cockpit.

Another Vaxxed Pilot Goes Into Cardiac Arrest in Cockpit.

I don’t know how many Pilots have actually had a heart attack or cardiac arrest since taking the semi-lethal injection but it’s been a vast amount. Of course, this is ‘covered up’ because it might cause vax hesitancy.

This Monday, The Stew Peters Show features Joshua Yoder to talk about a vaccinated airline pilot’s heart stopping just minutes after landing.
This plane had 200 souls aboard, and we can only thank the Lord that this tragedy didn’t occur in the air!

DobieDad says:

I was a 37 years employee of AA, and retired 9 years early in order to refuse this chemical bioweapon that they tried forcing on us. Those that got an exemption, ended up on 36 government watchlist. I warned people that was going to happen, nobody listened to me. Now they are regretting their decision.


8 thoughts on “Another Vaxxed Pilot Goes Into Cardiac Arrest in Cockpit.

  1. Actually its not healthy to fly in airplanes even though most have done this. So add that to a being jabbed combo just might get the pilot and some passengers too?

  2. Too add qbout effect in combo, think of nitro + glycerin. A study was once done on how come japanese who smoke more than americans have little cancer? They looked at diet and physology etc. No results. Then they found japanese dont drink chlorine & flouride. Bingo ! Combo of flouride with chlorine reacts and then reacts again with the smoke. Its not the cigs but the water. Cigs arent healthy and oxygen depletion is a serious matter but cigs dont do as much harm alone as the chemical water. So thats my thought on jabbed pilots in the air a lot.

  3. I have cousins in Fukushima from both sides of my family. They’re doing fine.

  4. Now this corrupt ADMIN wants to challenge the JUDGES DECISION! The FKN CDC CANT force or make rules! They ARENT elected officials! OH THE CORRUPTION!!!!!

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