My Moth Girl Art :)

All of these were made by Art Nouveau jewelry photos!

These were FUN to make! Im feeling a little better. Now, my styomach is a little upside down because of the amoxicillin 😦 I’ll be feeling better in a couople of days. This is the 1st time Ive been sick in almost FOUR years!

Anyway…. Be blessed… Here’s a couple of nice songs for ya

(This band was and IS my favorite 70’s band. Im so happy I was there to hear a new rock song every week back in the 70’s. Running to get my 45. Those were the days. Normalcy. I miss it.)

7 thoughts on “My Moth Girl Art :)

  1. Glad you are feeling better. These are Elaborately Elegantly Beautiful. I love a Good Art Program !
    I use A Older Version of TWISTEDBRUSH Pro Studio By PIXARRA I have had so much fun with it..

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