OUR Hashem/God Is DESTROYING The Media! CNN+, Even Disney, Twitter May Be Wounded, Too! NETFLIX Stocks Down Bigtime, Also!

OUR Hashem/God Is DESTROYING The Media! CNN+, Even Disney, Twitter May Be Wounded, Too! NETFLIX Stocks Down Bigtime, Also!

All of the aforementioned are EVIL and wicked. They must be an·ni·hi·lated

Let everything these beasts touch – FAIL! We’ve been Praying For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & The Media 

Elon Musk has created three holding companies in his attempt to buy Twitter

WE want Twitter DESTROYED. Wrecked!

Say a big Amen and a Hallelujah to the Lord and thank him for destroying the media beast. Pray Facebook crumbles. Pray ALL of these EVIL beasts crumble! In Jesus mighty name!



32 thoughts on “OUR Hashem/God Is DESTROYING The Media! CNN+, Even Disney, Twitter May Be Wounded, Too! NETFLIX Stocks Down Bigtime, Also!

  1. 2Ki_6:18  And when they came down to him, Elisha prayed unto the LORD, and said, Smite this people, I pray thee, with blindness. And he smote them with blindness according to the word of Elisha.
    1Pe_4:7  But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

  2. Pauli, do you know Dr Sam Vaknin, of Israel?

    At 0:40 of this video they talk about people calling Obama the Messiah and God.
    Sam Vaknin says Obama encourages his personality cult. He says that’s psycopathic narcissism.
    Listen to the full tape.

    Pauli, Can you tell me what kind of a mental analysis you can make of the psychosis of the Antichrist Obama.

    Thank you.

  3. At 1:20, Sam Vaknin compares the Antichrist to Jim Jones and Hitler in terms of being dangerous.

  4. Faceboob is the most rotten out of the 3 dingleberries. When they inflict punishments against you, they look for older posts, then at the time your punishment is about to be finished, they strike you and extend your punishment with even more strict and longer terms.

  5. At 1:00, Vaknin says Obama flip flops about everything. That’s a sign of psychopaths. They can’t hold a single line. They are “underachievers” – Vaknin says passing laws are not real reality. They don’t count as real actions by the president and Obama remains a failure.

  6. At 3:20, Vaknin says: “Narcissists think they’re divine…Narcissicism is a result of body-snatching…The narcissist is a shell that’s empty and fake and doesn’t have any real existence.”

  7. Yeah, Pauli, the Antichrist can’t change. He’s Satan-in-Person. That’s just who he is. He’s as crazy as a bat, a maniac.

  8. Observations of professionals working with human physiology…

    The Vaxed…’They’re All Dead’

    A 80 year old native herbal practitioner and intuitive needed advice as she was very troubled by recent experiences with three clients. She thought her lifelong training was failing and worried that she was losing her God given ability to help people and that she should retire.

    She receives energy field readings from the person as she does tests with formulations, herbs, muscle testing etc. She is getting NO response. She ‘sees’ conditions, tumors- all the catastrophes, but with these clients, she is not receiving any energy, sees no energy fields and gets no readings. There are the polarities + and – , one is living one is dead. She said all 3 of them had no life in them. She exclaimed “they’re dead!”

    Each of these clients indicated they had been jabbed.

    So then I contacted a 70 year old intuitive massage therapist and related the story. He gasped and said “Oh my God I thought it was me, I thought I was losing my abilities after I had been sick…it’s been happening to me too with clients. He said “there’s nothing there-no energy field-nothing!”

    Then a practitioner’s family member is a steady lady of faith and happily married. Both spouses had decided not to get jabbed but the husband capitulated at work. When he came home he greeted her then shielded his eyes. He continued to avert her eyes for nearly a week until she demanded to know what was going on. His response ” I can’t look at you as my brain is disconnected from my heart”. He sought spiritual help but at last report the man was still “broken”.

    No doubt these subtle kinds of anomalies are occurring worldwide…they are well worth noting.

    Thanks for all of your continuing efforts


  9. It seems like most of the people who run Disney, Twitter, Fakebook, Netflix and other media entities are pedophiles. And the pedophiles are after our children.

    Matthew 18:6: “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

  10. Narcissists are crazy. “They always end badly” says Dr Vaknin. When they achieve their goal of self-aggrandizing, they have to put up with criticism and that kills them. They attack their own followers and close ones, because they can’t stand one single word against them: like Mafia Godfathers or like Crazy Col Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, or like crazy Hitler in his Bunker or like crazy guru Jim Jones and his Guyana Cult or like crazy James Manson and “The Family”: who are/were all Malignant Narcissists. They’re like the Heaven’s Gate cult San Diego, that wanted to join Haley’s Comet and go to heaven. ROFLMAO! I wonder where Obama thinks he’s going now. ROFLMAO!!!! HELL?????!!!!!!!!!!! Going back home to hell Obama Satan?

  11. I had a couple of narcissists in my life – totally HIGH maintenance!
    Nasty, put down artists also

  12. You see Barry coming out more and more into the scene, Geir?
    Wont be long now.
    People will see that this was REAL.

    Our “Obama is the anti christ” posts get LOTS of hits.

  13. Well, Pauli, when you say “Obama’s the Antichrist” notice that it totally kills the conversation? People go crazy when they hear that. Because it means that whoever says those words is in fact breaking the Apocalypse. He/she’s the Messenger of the End Times. The Doomsday Postman.

    But when Barry went to the White House and said he was the real president it was so transparent it was almost as if he was playing the role of the Antichrist and filling all the required behavior to qualify as the Antichrist/ I wonder how anyone could have elected a black guy from Chicago (of all places – Chicago’s Al Capone’s land.)n a drug addict, an undocumented “Man from Nowhere”, a thug, and a homosexual. How? How could people go so wrong? Was it to give blacks a shot at the Presidency? You can’t give blacks Muslims, killers or drug smugglers a shot at the presidency that’s now how it works ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What went wrong in peoples’ minds?

  14. Pauli, you know how Malignant Narcissists totally wreck their world.
    Well, since fourteen years now I’ve been promoting the news about 666 being drawn in the lottery, on the same day and same place as Obama’s acceptance speech.

    I’ll typically go to a forum and warm up to the topic and then drop the A bomb with the link to You Tube or the Newsweek article talking about the #666 lottery draw.

    You know how it ends? The person I talked to, doesn’t even take the pain to answer and goes instantly AWOL (he’s like a star that gone dead. Plonk!… star goes blank…) as if he had seen a ghost. They just blow a fuse when they see the proof Obama’s the Antichrist.

    Then they let the post fester on the thread during a few days.
    Then they close the whole damm thread. that’s the only way they can deal with it. By “culling” the whole herd!!!


    That’s how the Narcissist Antichrist Obama aka Satan-in-Person deals with earthlings. The whole damn forum runs for the exits like someone had yelled “Fire” in a crowded theater. You see panicked freaks jumping out of the windows! for crying out loud.

    Obama creates total panic. He’s a freak of nature. And I’ve seen this everywhere all the time. Christians are maybe the worst and most sad. You’d think they’d welcome the news of the revelation of the Antichrist with joy and relief. It announces the Coming of Jesus after all. It’s such good news, you know!

    Well, they’re the most uptight and closed-minded, because they expect the news of the Second Coming to be by one of their flock. They’re the least cool-minded. They fly off the handle because they’ve been trained to be closed-minded to anyone that’s not from their denomination.

    It’s like you’ve got to go through a Valley of Tears and Tribulation to get to the goal Pauli. People just can’t grasp the reality of the Revelation. It’s like we’re preaching in the desert. Can you grasp how much this is crazy and out of control?

    Well, when we get our voice to be heard, it’ll be so powerful that people will simply fall off their chairs. It won’t rain it’ll… POUR. lol!

  15. Russian military seizes large cache of Ukrainian weapons in Kharkiv
    6,959 views Apr 23, 2022 The governor of Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region says towns there are coming under constant shelling.

    Serhiy Haidai said two people had been killed in Popasna – a town of about 20,000 people – where residential buildings have come under attack and street fighting has taken place.

    He wrote on Telegram that the Russians were hitting power lines and substations. Some towns were without water after a Russian shell hit the power plant for a pumping station.

    Russia’s defence ministry said on Saturday that its forces had shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet and destroyed three MI-8 helicopters at an airfield in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region.

    There was no immediate reaction from Ukraine regarding the Russian claims.

    Russian forces have made no major gains in the last 24 hours, despite increased activity, UK intelligence says
    And Moscow has yet to establish full control of either air or sea, the British update says
    Russia, however, claims a range of successes as its air force targeted multiple Ukrainian military facilities overnight
    More civilians could leave the devastated southern city of Mariupol, via a planned humanitarian corridor – though these have failed in the past
    There are reportedly 100,000 people left in the strategic port city – Ukraine’s deputy PM has said the UN may need to help for evacuation to succeed
    A video appearing to show women and children trapped in a bunker in a steelworks – the last redoubt of Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol – has been published

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  16. !!!!!!!!!!!********WOW LISTEN TO ***LAVROV**** IN ENGLISH***********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zelenskyy Wanted Nuclear Weapons, India Old Friend & Strategic Partner | Sergey Lavrov EXCLUSIVE
    428,864 views Apr 19, 2022 According to Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, the current situation in Ukraine is a direct result of the US and West’s desire to rule and dominate the world.

    In an exclusive interview with India Today, he said, “The current events are rooted in the US and West’s desire to rule the world. They wanted to show the world there would be no multipolarity, only unipolarity, and created a springboard [Ukraine] against us [Russia] at our borders. They pumped arms into Ukraine.”

    He added, “The real reason [for the war] is the complacency of most countries after World War II. They violated their promises to Russian leadership and started moving Nato eastward after the Soviet Union disappeared. They said it’s a defensive alliance and not a threat to Russian security.”

  17. Just 200 km for Putin to reach Odessa and then he’s got Moldovia “down pat”. He’s then got the whole Black Seashore and no exports in or out of Ukraine that’ll starve to death and spiral into poverty and total destitution and despondency. Boom! Face up guys, this is called KARMA!

    Analysis: Russian forces eye Moldova, as forces edge east to breakaway Transnistria

  18. Nice post Pauli.
    Thanks for the hat tip.
    Lavrov is very expressive in English.
    He covers all the topics with ease and in great detail, I was impressed as hell by him.

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