Former Brit Mercenary: Ukrainian Army Has Committed War Crimes & That “We’re (US/EU/UK) Are The Bad Guys in Mariupol”

Former Brit Mercenary: Ukrainian Army Has Committed War Crimes & That “We’re (US/EU/UK) Are The Bad Guys in Mariupol”

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

I hope more come forward.

While some might claim that he was coerced, Aislin made clear that he was the one to have initiated the interview linked with British Reporter, Graham Philips. He said that he wanted to raise public awareness about what is really going on in the hopes of bringing an end to the war.

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7 thoughts on “Former Brit Mercenary: Ukrainian Army Has Committed War Crimes & That “We’re (US/EU/UK) Are The Bad Guys in Mariupol”

  1. Ya. I think Satan Enjoys Wars,He starts so many of them.
    Then Blames all of us, for having them. Ha..

  2. Pauli, Antichrist Obama is at work.
    Have you contacted your Christian brethren about him?
    To me that’s always been the issue.
    The Antichrist is mostly a “Christian/Christian” issue and should be taken hold of, by the Christians to begin with.
    As a Buddhist, I’m just “a visitor” on this event/curse.
    I’m outside to this issue.
    Christians should becoming to grips with this.
    If they don’t, they lose.
    It’s a win or lose situation.
    Christians should be hailing and heralding the Revelation that Obama’s Satan.
    They’re the ones that have been announcing the Antichrist for 2000 years.

  3. Pauli, what does the Antichrist represent for you Christians?
    He’s a demon, right?
    He’s a possessed soul, I think.
    It’s called a damned soul in Christian-speak, right? (so Obama’s a “damned and possessed soul”, is that right to say that? Might be fodder for your next article, ROFLMAO!)

  4. Both Pauli and I have been standing up against the Antichrist Obama/Satan consistently for years now. We’re in this battle against evil, for the long term and we’re in this to win. We’re not doing this to end up as losers…nope.

    Now I thought that we were on the side of goodness and against evil. Did I miss something? Isn’t that the plan? If Obama’s marked by 666 and is the Antichrist, we’re supposed to oppose that, aren’t we? We’ve not switched and become pro-Satan now, have we? So I don’t get it with people sitting down and taking things as if everything was fine. Why aren’t you good people standing up?

    There’s a sign of 666 that showed up in the lottery of Obama’s city of residence, the same day as his acceptance speech. Now some people may say: “That’s not a significant sign of the Mark of 666. The Lottery doesn’t make any sense, in terms of being a valid vehicule for bringing the sign of 666.”

    I hear that argument and understand where that’s coming from. I myself was on that argument’s side, during about four or five years too.

    But, the bottom line is now that after fourteen years, I’ve been to the end of that whole thought process and seen that no matter what one thinks about the lottery’s validity, the fact remains that one can’t deny the fact that it (666) was drawn. So, even if one doesn’t want to take into account the lottery’s 666, one still can’t make it go away just by closing one’s eyes and blocking one’s ears.

    Now, if one were to say that “Pauli’s proof of Obama being the Antichrist is more significant to us, than the lottery’s 666, because Pauli didn’t have just one sign like the lottery-666. Indeed, she had multiple dreams showing beyond doubt that to her, Obama’s the Antichrist.” I can see that argument too.

    But one has to admit that Pauli sees her signs through dreams whereas there is a double difference with the lottery-666: first, the lottery is seen by everybody openly and was certain to have been observed by everybody when it was displayed on all that city’s (and in all the states) streets’ newsstands. But also it was announced on radios and TVs all day long. Newspapers printed it. The Illinois Sate Lottery is played in five Great Lakes States and it’s the biggest lottery in that part of the USA, because it’s the Chicago lottery.

    So at least 50 million people live in that general area. The lottery draw of 666 on the same day as Obama delivered his acceptance speech in that same area, is astounding. There’s thus a treasure trove of 50 million people that more or less clearly know (as we know it) that Obama’s been designated by a heaven-sent curse of 666 to be the Antichrist. So indeed, there’s an Army of the Apocalypse of people living in the North East Great Lakes area, that are sitting there waiting for the fatal, final moment to break the Apocalypse. We should go out and raise our “Army of the Faithful” once again.

    Also, the lottery draw of 666 isn’t like Pauli’s dreams because the lottery is openly seen by others and not just a personal experience by Pauli: it’s a shared collective miraculous vision offered to our eyes by heaven. But also it’s a massive thing experienced by everybody everywhere…and by millions throughout that area and throughout five massive states. So the lottery seems like a trivial way of announcing the Antichrist….. but it’s all the opposite: it’s a massive heralding of the Good News to the swarming masses of Humanity worldwide.

    Take a city like New York. How many times will you see the daily lottery results displayed if you’re an active person who moves back and forth in the city center? You’ll see it at the newsstand by the bus stop. At the mall. It’ll be on the radio. It’ll be on TV. It’ll be in the newspaper.

    I’ve been collecting info about the Antichrist Obama and gathering the opinions, videos and testimonies of people, such as what I post to TMJ (alongside Pauli’s regular recording of her dreams.) But I come back to the lottery draw of 666 because that’s a collective experience shared by millions that shattered Obama. Nobody else could shatter him like the lottery curse on his acceptance speech’s same day. You have to admit that the lottery draw is hair-raising and incredible. It’s undeniable and certain.

    Look at this video, it proves that everybody witnessed this event and NO TALKS ABOUT IT NOW. Why? It’s so suspicious that everybody covering up the Antichrist Obama’s crimes. Don’t do it folks! Stand up!


    A biodistribution study of the Pfizer Covid-19 injection suggests a suspension of the use of mRNA ‘Vaccines’ is urgently required and blood donor organisations need to take a long hard look at their policies surrounding the acceptance of donations of blood from people who have received an mRNA based Covid-19 injection.

    (tainted blood supply, folks. Let’s stop all vaccines by mRNA.)

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