VIDEO: Media Claims of Russian ‘Mass Graves’ Near Mariupol Another Fake News Hoax. Canadian Woman Went TO Ukraine & Saw W/ Her Own Eyes

Western Claims of Russian ‘Mass Graves’ Near Mariupol Another Fake News Hoax. Canadian Woman Went TO Ukraine & Saw W/ Her Own Eyes

I love you in the LORD, my few blogger friends. You know this, right? Please don’t believe the media in USA/EU/NZ/AU/CAN. They lie all the time. You just cannot tune them in because they are filled with mass delusion. The media now is the extended arm of the “beast” system. You don’t want to fall under the delusion written of in 2 Thessalonians 2:

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

At any rate, this Canadian woman went to see this ‘mass grave’ with her own eyes and video-taped it.

RT reported this also. It was posted on the 24th: Here’s what I found at the reported ‘mass grave’ near Mariupol




8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Media Claims of Russian ‘Mass Graves’ Near Mariupol Another Fake News Hoax. Canadian Woman Went TO Ukraine & Saw W/ Her Own Eyes

  1. The same west that says jabbing is good, home prison is good, 6 foot apart above or below ground and diapers on faces are all good. And biden has gotten most votes in history as fauci said, you can trust me. Not much to trust with devils it seems.

  2. Donald Trump: ‘The world is going to be blown to pieces’
    3,487,171 views Apr 26, 2022 Former US President Donald Trump says the world is going to be “blown to pieces” if America doesn’t get some “smart leadership”.

    Mr Trump issued the chilling warning during an interview with Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

    “We have stupid people now running our country,” Mr Trump said.

    “Our country’s in trouble – something has to happen.

    “If it doesn’t happen, and if we don’t have smart leadership, you’re going to end up with no world – the world is going to be blown to pieces.”


    Russia-Ukraine conflict: Biden says he won’t start another World War
    142,157 views Feb 28, 2022 The U.S. continues to remain firm it will not send military troops into Ukraine to help in the ongoing invasion by Russia, with President Joe Biden saying he would not risk starting another World War.

    However, the country is providing more aid and equipment to the country and adding more sanctions of its own.

    And as Jennifer Johnson reports, big and small business are taking their own action from suspending airline partnerships to removing Russian alcohol from bars and restaurants, including those in Canada.

  3. ‘Russia-Ukraine conflict: Biden says he won’t start another World War’
    He wont.
    Antichrist Obama WILL

  4. Messiah appears in the sky above Jerusalem and halts the missiles when the missiles get launched.
    It’s when we Messengers of the End stand up Pauli and we rule the world.
    U redy?
    Uh yah?

  5. (****Pauli, the Russkies crack me up every time. hahaha!****they’re so far out.)

    Russian operation in Ukraine contributes to freeing world from Western oppression – Lavrov
    It is obvious that the collective West’ attempts to hinder the natural course of history, to solve its problems at the expense of others are doomed, the minister said

    MOSCOW, April 30. /TASS/. Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is contributing to liberating the world from Western neocolonial oppression, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Xinhua news agency.

    “It is obvious that the collective West’ attempts to hinder the natural course of history, to solve its problems at the expense of others are doomed,” the minister said, “Today’s world has several centers of decision-making, it is multipolar. We see how dynamically Asian, African and Latin American countries develop. Everyone has a real freedom of choice, including ways of development and participation in integration projects. Our special military operation in Ukraine also contributes to the process of freeing the world from the West’s neocolonial oppression, which is densely mixed with racism and an exceptionality complex.”

    As Lavrov noted, today we are talking not about a new Cold War, but about “the persistent desire of Washington and its satellites, who think of themselves as ‘masters of human destiny,’ to impose an American-centric model of the world order.” “It has gotten to the point where a Western minority is trying to replace the UN-centric architecture and international law formed as a result of World War II with its own ‘rules-based’ order. Washington and its allies write these very rules themselves and then impose them on the international community as obligatory for implementation”, the Russian foreign minister continued.

    Destructive US policy
    Lavrov stressed that the US has been pursuing a destructive course for decades. The minister, in particular, cited the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, the attacks on Iraq, Libya, its attempt to destroy Syria, as well as “color revolutions” in a number of countries, including Ukraine. “All this has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and led to chaos in various regions of the planet,” he added.

    The Russian foreign minister noted that the Westerners are trying “with the most brutal methods” to suppress countries that seek to conduct an independent foreign and domestic policy, and it is not only about Russia.

    “We can see how ‘bloc thinking’ is being imposed in the Asia-Pacific region. Look at the so-called Indo-Pacific strategy promoted by the US, which has a clear anti-Chinese orientation,” Lavrov pointed out, “In the spirit of the archaic Monroe Doctrine, the US seeks to dictate how and by what standards to live in Latin America. This explains the long-standing illegal trade embargo against Cuba, sanctions against Venezuela, and attempts to ‘sway’ stability in Nicaragua and some other countries. The continuing pressure on Belarus is also along these lines. This list could be continued.”

    According to the Russian minister, the sooner the West comes to terms with the new geopolitical realities, “the better it will be for itself and for the whole international community.” “As Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized at the Boao Forum, ‘We [have to] uphold the principle of indivisible security, build a balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture, and oppose the pursuit of one’s own security at the cost of others’ security,'” Lavrov concluded.

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