10 thoughts on “Suspended From Facebook Again… For Calling The Palestinian Axe Murderers, “Bastards”

  1. Thats why ive never messed with cia zuckys buttbook nor mess with whatsapp which is also cia zucky.

  2. Truth is the new hate speech. If social media loved what you said, you’d be standing in the wrong camp. Rock on. Keep speaking the truth. They love evil, so they will hate you.

  3. Ha.. Face Book doesn’t understand the Biblical Definition
    of Bastard do they! 😀
    In the Old Testament the rendering of the Hebrew word mamzer’ , which means “polluted.” In Deuteronomy 23:2 , it occurs in the ordinary sense of illegitimate offspring. In Zechariah 9:6 , the word is used in the sense of foreigner. From the history of Jephthah we learn that there were bastard offspring among the Jews ( Judges 11:1-7 ). In Hebrews 12:8 , the word (Gr. nothoi) is used in its ordinary sense, and denotes those who do not share the privileges of God’s children.

  4. I will need to look you up on FB Pauli. I have some blog allies whom I will notify as well. You’re always welcome to connect with me on Gab, Gettr, Parler and Rumble. I use the same handle as here. I just posted a video on my Rumble account that you might enjoy.

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