It’s A Criminal Offense To “Picket Or Protest” Outside Of A Judge’s Home, Abortionists: 18 USC 1507

It’s A Criminal Offense To “Picket Or Protest” Outside Of A Judge’s Home, Abortionists: 18 USC 1507

But….only if you are a traditional American will you be prosecuted. If you are a Left wing psychopath, you can do whatever you please in this 3rd world nation.


Some obstruction charges have the potential to clash with a defendant’s rights under the First Amendment. Section 1507 of the federal code limits a party’s right to picket or parade. While this speech is generally protected by the First Amendment, this statute outlaws certain pickets or demonstrations that are designed to obstruction justice.

Under this statute, obstruction of justice means interfering, impeding, or attempting to influence court officials, witnesses, jurors, or judges in the course of discharging their duty in the justice system. While threats of violence are not required to build a case under this statute, there must be some form of undue influence.

The statute spells out a number of ways that you could face obstruction charges under this section. Demonstrating outside or inside a federal courthouse with the intent to interfere with a judicial proceeding can qualify. The same is true for the use of trucks with large loudspeakers. These demonstrations can also occur outside of the business or residence of any of the people protected by statute.

The critical part of these cases is intent. Merely demonstrating in a criminal case is protected by the Constitution. But demonstrating with a message that is clearly trying to scare or intimidate someone involved in the process could be a crime.

8 thoughts on “It’s A Criminal Offense To “Picket Or Protest” Outside Of A Judge’s Home, Abortionists: 18 USC 1507

  1. I bet Soreass promised a huge pile of cash, but won’t pay one cent to the clowns.

  2. Abortion is a blood sacrifice unto Satan. Abortion is The Sacrament for a devil worshipper–it is how they gain access to Satan’s favor. We shouldn’t call them leftists, but devil worshippers.

    I was listening to Fr. Chad Ripperger recently. He is an exorcist with the Catholic Church. Sometimes an exorcist or a deliverance minister will ask the demon a question before it is cast out of the person. One question could be: how did that demon get into that person? So this demon is being questioned and says that the demons are in a panic because soon their power is coming to an end. Maybe that demon was talking about the abolition of abortion in the United States.

    As we can all see, the devil worshippers are in full panic knowing that their right to a blood sacrifice is coming to an end. Demons have great power over a nation that has legal abortions or legal blood sacrifices.

  3. Of course. Leftist privilege…. I would love to see one of the Justices come out and defend His home. They would be totally justified.

  4. HHMMM So why isnt that law being upheld? I guess SHIT can get away with anything

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