ANOTHER “Conservative” Putting Down Senator Joe McCarthy:

ANOTHER “Conservative” Putting Down Senator Joe McCarthy:

Jonathan Turley wrote up a piece about the Commie-Crats…hoping that somewhere inside the government, there might be some sanity. Of course, you and I know there is no such sanity available in the House OR Senate. Why? Because the GOP is Pinko and the Democrats are Communists. They’re not just Communists & Pinko’s, only. They are also globalists who did absolutely nothing as Governors closed down America during the plandemic. Nobody did a damned thing.


Nearly 70 years ago, a little-known lawyer named Joseph Welch famously confronted Sen. Joseph McCarthy (D-Wis.) in defense of a young man hounded over alleged un-American views. Welch told McCarthy that “I think I have never really gauged … your recklessness” before asking: “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

It was a defining moment in American politics as Welch called out a politician who had abandoned any semblance of principle in the pursuit of political advantage. This week, the same scene played out in the White House with one striking difference: This was no Joseph Welch to be found.

Turley is looking for a person who would stand up to the Commie-crat, Joe Biden/Joe-BAMA over the present situation. Instead of looking for a member of the house to stand up and call these RATS what they are: COMMUNIST TRAITORS AND SUBVERSIVE, TREACHEROUS TURNCOATS.

Senator Joe McCarthy named the Communists and because of his bravery, the Communists were ‘runnin scared‘ for well over a decade. Sure, there were a few that he may have been wrong about. But, overall, he was correct about the Communist creeps and all anyone has to do now is take a good look at where the nation is and they can see that McCarthy was right.

Instead, we have bloviated windbags like Turley writing half-baked posts putting McCarthy down. This is the modern Conservative person – putting down OUR heroes. And, this is why we NEVER, EVER win. Because our ‘side’ is too busy apologizing to the Communists. The nation we all knew at one time is DESTROYED because of the Commie-CRATS and their Pinko, GOP allies.

You tell me what McCarthy was wrong about!

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  1. I remember growing up in the public schools of Southern California in the 70’s and 80’s. Senator McCarthy was demonized. In fact, as it turns out, McCarthy was a hero. He was right on the money with the Commies in the entertainment industry and infiltrating our own government. He was right. All along. And it is long past do that we repent of villainizing him.

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