Time For A DAN FOGELBERG Break….

Man, did I love Fogelberg. LOVE his tunes!

“Run for the Roses”

“Leader of the Band”

My FAVORITE: “Missing You”

RIP! Miss you Dan!

6 thoughts on “Time For A DAN FOGELBERG Break….

  1. Missing You is my all time favorite of Dan Fogelberg as well. In fact, when Columbia & Epic Records sold the one sided singles, I bought a copy of Missing You as a 1 sided 45. Later on, I bought the 45 with the b side as well. I wish the 45 had a picture sleeve with it. But regardless, it’s a great song. I used to DJ in college, and that was one of my go to singles.

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  3. I still have many of my records in mint condition. I transferred some to digital.

  4. There’s a DJ on U2BE who calls herself DJ Disco Cat. She might have done a remix of Missing You (Disco Purrfection Mix).

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