The LORD YOUR God Is Smiting The EVIL Western World: Ruble Named World’s Best-Performing Currency

The LORD YOUR God Is Smiting The EVIL Western World: Ruble Named World’s Best-Performing Currency

Repent West, Repent Europe. Repent godless, Pedo-loving, Homosexual-deviant, baby-murdering, God-hating USSA. The LORD your God is humiliating you in front of the whole world. Call everyone “Russian trolls” to your leisure. You cannot stop the FACT that God is smiting us–bigly.


The Russian ruble has eclipsed 31 major currencies in growth since the start of 2022, becoming the globe’s best-performing currency, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. According to the publication, the ruble has strengthened against the US dollar by more than 11% since the beginning of the year. On the international currency market, the ruble exchange rate has shown even greater growth of about 12% so far.

Like it or not, folks… Russia is burying the Western world: Business Insider via Bloomberg. Hat tip: captain_jonas

Meanwhile…..Enjoy our gas prices…Stupid neo-con and Left-wing, war-mongering lunatics – GOD is smiting your lousy azzes.

PS: What Sanctions? Russian Oil Revenues Soar 50%, Hitting A Record High

16 thoughts on “The LORD YOUR God Is Smiting The EVIL Western World: Ruble Named World’s Best-Performing Currency

  1. Only thing, the left wing LUNATICS arent the ones suffering from the high gas prices. Its WE the PEOPLE!

  2. Putin is standing up against Gdless NAZIs and eschewing the debautcherch of the west. He has called out our gov’t for what it is. Child trafficking. Germ warfare funding. Satanistic. Yes, the remnant has to suffer along with with evil here. But that is how it always has been.

  3. RE the end times:
    Gog and Magog – many refer to Dr. Roger Barrier’s interpretation;
    URL here:
    however, I (of course) prefer a Jewish perspective. The link below shows the geographic location of these tribes today. Russia is prominent, as are other areas aligned with it; therefore, I stand on my personal observation that you cannot trust the Russians. Blame our own populace for accepting a socialist, anti-Christian stance, and while Russia appears to be acting in the right, be wary!

  4. The Lord is blessing the Russian ruble because the ruble is gold-backed and President Putin is fighting against the New World Order.

  5. I am of the persuasion from the Holy Spirit of the Lord that it is the American government that cannot be trusted and is the end time Gog.
    Russia is ‘acting right’ because they have had a Christian revival that initially started when Reagan told Gorbachev to ‘tear down the wall.’

    Thanks for the opinions and thoughts, however.

  6. The Lord has not blessed us under Buttstink Bidet because Buttstink does the opposite of what the Lord is ORDERING him to do. Jackal Buttstink Bidet thinks he’s a know it all President and is under demonic delusions. If you get a chance, take a look at Buttstink’s pupils when he goes on a creepy whisper routine. You will see the pupils turning into venomous viper snake eye slits. The viper breeds such as rattlesnakes, copperheads and cotton mouths have slit pupils. Buttstink’s eyes turn into slits with his creepy whispers.

  7. I have a concern. If russia be the bear that stomps with its feet then we must also realize the beast is one composite beast with bear feet. This means nato & russia are one beast. One beast each part acting its role under the devil?
    Leopards usually dont have an epiphany and change their spots. Be it CIA bush or KBG putin or mossad israeli lefty politicos, spots dont change, only actions are modified.
    I came to this thought over one man, KGB thug vladamir mikhailovich gundyayev who says repent before Christ for being unjabbed and go get jabbed for Christ. And ardent praiser of late fudel castro. A real thug this KGB dude. Problem is he had a career change as he is now known as patriarch kirol, head of russian orthodox church !
    Just starting to smell rats on all sides.

  8. This is from Bioclandestine (from Richard’s Watch Telegram page):

    “Now, think about the absolute magnitude of this. Russia and China are directly accusing the last 3 US democratic presidential families, and George Soros, of conducting a multiple decades long plan to create an international biological weapons network, to create pathogens so they could unleash them on the public to gain world control, using their control of the media and use the BILLIONS from forced vaccination to supply their campaigns and maintain control of information, so their citizenry don’t find out about what is actually going on. Think about 2000 Mules and how the pathogens made way for this scheme and helps the DNC maintain control.

    “We are in the middle of WW3, and all of Western media is complete blackout. Not a single shred of reporting on it. Anywhere. In a real world, the allegations themselves would be taken seriously and the world populace should know about it. Even if they aren’t true, we would still need to know that 2 world nuclear superpowers are accusing the US of creating bioweapons and might want to retaliate for slaughtering their citizens for political gain.

    “I said it back in February, this isn’t the beginning of WW3, we are in the middle of it. C19 was first weapon fired. And it claimed (allegedly) 6.26 million lives. And Russia and China have evidence suggesting the “US Democratic Party” are responsible for creating and releasing this weapon.

    “Feels like ‘the precipice’ to me.”


    Also from Bioclandestine:

    “Let me put this diagram in a paragraph format exactly as the Russian military are portraying it.

    “US Coordination of Biological Laboratories and Research in Ukraine

    “Ideologues: The following entities were facilitating the operation:

    “-Democratic National Party

    “-Barack Obama: Launched Biological Threat Reduction Program in 2005

    “-Hilary Clinton: Spearheaded the adoption of US strategy to counter biological threats and promoted legalization of Dual Use Research

    “-Joe Biden: Coordinated the activity of the Executors of the military biological program, involved in financial fraud in Ukraine

    “-George Soros: Major sponsor of military biological research in Ukraine and lobbyist for Big Pharma”

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