Buffalo Shooter Just “Happened To Have” A Manifesto & Read 4Chan. This Screams #FF. 1991 Book Predicted Govt Set-Up Mass Shootings:

Buffalo Shooter Just “Happened To Have” A Manifesto & Read 4Chan. This Screams #FF. 1991 Book Predicted Govt Set-Up Mass Shootings:

I agree with Carolyn, a Commenter on a website:

He (shooter) provides complete and oddly detailed Manifesto – names names and websites – checks all ‘white supremacist’ boxes – wears “military uniform” – provides personality test – drives miles to obscure location in black neighborhood – and just in case there is any doubt that a white guy did it, he live-streams his arrival and the ensuing atrocity on Twitch.

All of this alerts false flag instincts – instincts provided to us by God for a reason.

Im sure most of you read this story by now:

At any rate:

This brings back memories of laughing Daddy, Robbie Parker at the Sandy Hook incident.. Because ALL Dad’s laugh like jackasses & get ‘in character’ after their children are shot dead. (His daughter was supposedly killed)

Or, how bout the West, TX fertilizer ‘explosion’ (which was a JDAM bomb that hit the plant) This particular fertilizer plant had a lawsuit against Monsanto at the time it was bombed. Waco Texas Fertilizer Company Hit By Drone/Laser Strike After Lawsuit Filed Against Monsanto!

Page 225: From the 1991 book, “Behold a Pale Horse”  Milton William Cooper

I really have a very hard time believing the modus operandi of the lying media. I have come to the conclusion that we will never know what really happens at these ‘shootings’. All I DO know is that I believe our government is a Communist/Globalist terrorist operation.


A tale of 2 mass shootings:

Friday the 13th there was a mass shooting in Milwaukee. 17 people shot. This story? CRICKETS! Why because it was most likely non-White gangs involved.

Watch how the shooting that happened in Buffalo, New York will grab ALL of the media’s attention because “muh White supremacy” narrative will be achieved.


14 thoughts on “Buffalo Shooter Just “Happened To Have” A Manifesto & Read 4Chan. This Screams #FF. 1991 Book Predicted Govt Set-Up Mass Shootings:

  1. Ive NO doubt many shootings in the past were set up by the government! They WANT our guns and away with second ammendment

  2. And its BS as to why! They want to change news narrative! OFF of the 40 BILLION dollars to Ukraine which is INSANITY and Unpopular to Americans! This shooting was planned and executed for that reason! For the CHANGE OF SUBJECT! Ive no proof NO. BUT IM CERTAIN OF IT

  3. Socialist NEWS MEDIA and SOCIALIST DEMS control it all. And What is forefront in news! To take PRESSURE off the socialist party and JOE BLOW ADMINISTRATION

  4. FF almost assurred. Many dont understand that in FF real people are harmed or killed.
    Sandy hook school was old closed school and there no one really died.
    In las vegas 50 real people died and those 50 people included whites, blacks, jews, athiests, hispanics, asians, young, old, men, women, etc as a representation of america being killed.
    In orlando gay bar the 50 killed there, am not sure anyone was killed due to lack of interviews or posted funerals etc. And no news about christian lady voice singer killed on live stage same time in orlando.
    Once brainwashing efrin zimbalist jr show FBI went off the air the spell ended and i could see FBI is a terror group.
    We can only pray, band together and carry to be safer as this will not stop.
    Am sad for the victims and sure hope many were in Christ.

  5. Absolutely FF. It is no coincidence that just as 2000 Mules is released and massive light is being shown on the coup that ousted our elected President and installation of the senile, child-sniffing puppet regime. They had to stir the pot of racial discord and anti-white hate. That ought to get the BLM/Antifa riots going again. And the added bonus of more gun grabbing legislation. We are about to be starved out by our own government, Stalin style. So it is imperative the American people be disarmed. I lived right on the border of Buffalo and Amherst from June 2018- June 2021. That market is about 10 minutes from my house. I can tell you this. The only racism in the area was blacks against whites. There were times I was out and had to stop in at a store in a predominantly black neighborhood. Where I was the only white in the store. Checkers that were happy, laughing, and talkative would seal there lips when I got to the front of the line. No matter how polite and friendly I was. They wouldn’t make eye contact or say boo to me. The other customers would stare at me while shopping like I didn’t belong in their store. Heck even in diverse stores like Walmart and BJ’s (think Costco/Sam’s Club type store), in mixed neighborhoods, white people often were treated with disdain and rudeness by black employees. So yeah. The timing of this is perfect. There are no coincidences.

  6. Oh, I believe people are killed in many of these ‘events’…..
    BUT, I rarely EVER believe the ‘official’ story.

  7. Me either Pauli! And I agree T and Saints! And thats where it all goes back farther! Indoctrination of children in schools! Brainwash them at young age. so as the fuckers in charge now die off, their BS will move foreward! Come Lord Jesus!

  8. Another shooting today? California? YEA it was all planned by the LEFT. Notice how these shootings happen in BLUE DEM RUN STATES! IS that coincidence? Is another shooting today coincidence? NOP ITS ALL PLANNED!

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