TRIBULATION NOW: The Winds Of God Are Blowing On Our Wicked Nation :(


The Winds Of God Are Blowing On Our Wicked Nation

I woke up to this in my spirit yesterday morning:

“The Winds Of GOD Are Blowing Upon Our wicked Nation”. I started to weep. Because it didn’t have to be this way. If only people were more repentant. But, the bible says that people will raise their fists to the skies and continue to curse the Lord their God. It’s heartbreaking.

The winds of destruction: The winds of war. The winds of famine. The winds of disease. The winds of plague. The winds of massive tornadoes, derecho’s, high winds, horrible storms. Winds bringing floods. Winds bringing droughts. Winds bringing fire. Winds bringing unusual heat or cold. Winds bringing dust-storms, dust devils. Winds causing the ocean to rise higher. Houses gone, lives lost.

The body of the Lord Yeshua-Jesus Christ is so hard and desensitized that most cannot see that we are IN tribulation. And….it will grow more destructive as people refuse to pay homage to the Lord, King of the universe and his only begotten son, Yeshua-Jesus. It is the tribulation that GOD promised.


Let’s turn to God.

Pay homage to HIM who sits on the throne. HOLY is HE who has brought tribulation to the earth so that we may give glory, honor, praise and awe to the one and ONLY creator and God.

Warning: These things are NOT going away. They will get worse and even more worse. Change your minds, break up the hardness in your hearts. Ask the Lord Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth INTO your heart & soul. Read the bible: The King James Bible, daily.


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  1. It is a shaking before final judgement. This is the beginning and designed to wake people up with hopes they will repent and turn from wickedness. It is going to get really bad soon.

  2. It is a shaking before final judgement. This is the beginning and designed to wake people up with hopes they will repent and turn from wickedness. It is going to get really bad soon.

  3. Times of tribulation have started yes. BUT its gonna get much worse. This is just a tiny scratch!

  4. At the time you wrote this, fire broke out in Orange County California, at the city of Laguna Beach. It’s been burning since Thursday May 12. Laguna Beach is in South Orange County. Many of the city and county fire departments from Northwest, North and Northeast Orange County came to the mutual aid of Laguna Beach’s fire Department. Several have seen Anaheim’s fire department’s engines on scene, along with Buena Park, Fullerton, Garden Grove and Westminster’s fire departments aiding Laguna Beach. Some from neighboring Los Angeles County have also driven the long distance to aid in bringing the fire to containment.

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  6. Pauli: Just wanted to thank you for the link to the King James Bible on this post. I already had a link to a King James Bible website on my High Plains Drifter blog, but I like your link much better.

  7. P.S. Global warming IS coming. Bible says so. After judgement! ….And the earth will melt with fervent heat…….Eden will be restored….the earth will be made new…..New heaven and a new earth….On EARTH as it is in HEAVEN. Lords prayer

  8. malenurseken: You might want to watch this video about the King James Bible and other translations:

    The Hidden Lies of Bible Translations

  9. I know mistakes have been made in translations. I have several translations of the Bible. But basically they all point to the same God and Jesus Christ. King James is still my FAVORITE! But I also have NEW king james version, International version, revised standard version, and another…the APOCRYPHA, translated by J.M. Powis and GOODSPEED! The PENTATEUCH. Very good read! No translation has ever led me away from the true GOD. Theres still many things I saw while awake, and dreamed, that ive never shared. I was court ordered years ago to have a psycological examination. The Psycologist who did the examination and asked me questions, Well I told him some of those things. He wrote up a report afterwards saying i had SEVERE mental problems and will never be able to work or function normally again. ALL BECAUSE they doubted what GOD showed me, told me, and did for me! I was crazy because THEY didnt believe me. And Ive been reluctant to talk about much of it ever since! I am NOT crazy or made anything up! In my wildest dreams, I could never imagine some of the things ive seen. BUT thats in my HISTORY report! I wanted to buy a hunting rifle from Sheels last year. They seen that in my history report and i cant even buy a gun, although i do have several. Im NOT a guy that would commit a crime or murder anyone. For GODS sake I was a NURSE for almost 30 years. Im age 64 now. And I fear i have let God down by NOT sharing what I know and what ive learned! Cuz of MEN BUT ill not be silent forever. The day is coming. I do believe i may be one of the 144,000 mentioned in REVELATION! When the time is right i will SING! P.S. I was BAPTIZED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT in a LAKE ON MY FARM! And Ive read all the versions I have. Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

  10. Wish it to hurry up. This world slated to burn up in fervent heat. Isnt the cup of iniquity full yet? Sure seems so but maybe its not over the cup rim yet?
    Just about everything big or small has evil to it. Take this one tiny thing; israel sending 2000 flak jackets and helmits to ukraine army. That seems not so big. But if you realize that in last lebanon war that most dead israeli soldiers was because of not enough flak jackets and jews and christians donated flak jackets for israeli soldiers for the next war to come, and so israeli govt gives it away to ukraine. Even this little act is evil.

  11. Sorry I can’t send the proof that Obama’s the Antichrist.
    The miracle is there but people have dirt on their eyes that don’t see it.
    Sorry my bad.
    If people don’t get to Nirvana it’s because of me being late: but I’m here now

  12. Good to be back TMJ.
    Nowhere like home.
    Ready for the last attack on Satan.
    He’s getting tired and we’re creeping up on him by surprise now: he’s wearing out of us harassing him. lol! Poor ol’ Sat. lol! He hates everybody hating him so much all the time.

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