Photo Of Baby Formula Recipe From 1957. (Evaporated Milk & Karo Only Recipe, NO Vitamins)

Photo Of Baby Formula Recipe From 1957. (Evaporated Milk & Karo Only Recipe)

So, (Unless your baby can’t handle milk &/or corn syrup), here it is.

This is exactly what my Mother made for me:

Here is what this basic, simple recipe calls for. Don’t add any pro-biotics or vitamins. K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple stupid. Listen to your Pediatrician regarding vitamins.

And, then sing baby this song. This is what my Mom played for me

8 thoughts on “Photo Of Baby Formula Recipe From 1957. (Evaporated Milk & Karo Only Recipe, NO Vitamins)

  1. Those days, thats all we had. PLUS we milked dairy cows. We drand milk from our own cows

  2. On a side note for others, Tex Ritter was the late John Ritter’s dad.

  3. So true! I have an FB acquaintance who took this same recipe to her pediatrician and asked, “If I was in a position here I couldn’t get baby formula anywhere – could I feed this to my baby and be ok”. His response? “Sure. This is what everyone fed their babies before commercial formula.” Also goat’s milk is VERY similar to human milk. Moreso than cow’s milk. If you have access to goat’s milk I would use that. In fact, I couldn’t breastfeed the 3rd of our 5 children due to an issue he had – and he could not tolerate ANY commercial formula. We tried all of them. Even the fancy schmacy, prescription “hypo-allergenic” formula he could barely keep down and it irritated his GI track horrible but there was no other option for him. A friend who was a veterinarian and had her own farm (compete with goats) suggest trying him on raw goat’s milk. So, at 6 months old we ditched that super expensive ($40/can even back in 2002) prescription formula and started him on raw goat’s milk. He loved it and thrived. Happy baby! No more red, raw baby bottom and explosive lower GI issues.

    Oh and Europe has been offering to send us their formula, that their babies have thrived on for decades without issue. But the FDA stopped it because they haven’t “approved it”. Funny how that works. They can push through a poison jab and demand we all take it in record time. But baby formula used in Europe for generations without issue, “Sorry….we aren’t sure that will be safe”. Evil bastards. Ironically, Europe outlaws corn syrup. Their formula is probably safer and more nutritious than ours is. Probably WHY they won’t let it in.

  4. Our parents and their awesome songs. Seeing that Tex Ritter song reminded me. My Grandmother used to sing this song to my Uncle Frank and my mama growing up. And my mama sang it to me. Is it any wonder I grew up to be a modern day Annie Oakley?

  5. This is great. The old ways were simple and work. I believe in this simple formula. And yes, goats milk is also possible. Of course any mom with a couple filled milk jugs works too.
    One caution, evaporated milk has very short shelf life so buy new.

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