US Military “Trainers” Spotted In Krivoy, Ukraine. Ukraine Is A NON-NATO Country. This Is NONE Of Our Business

US Military “Trainers” Spotted In Krivoy, Ukraine. Ukraine Is A NON-NATO Country. This Is NONE Of Our Business

From the getgo in 2013, December – when John McCain was fomenting a proxy war in Kiev.. THAT was none of our business. The United States government is EVIL. We need to pray that God will completely decimate our regime in Jesus name. They are hell-bent on getting us into a nuclear war against Russia and China.


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  1. The RINO Prince Graham Cracker and his Royal court jesters will be taking their dirt naps soon for treason.

  2. Chicago Tribune wrote this in 2008 when Obama was cursed by 666 ….which made him the Antichrist. It’s interesting because they admit that the lottery did draw 666. But they poo poo it as being just a mere chance-event. But what they’re not saying is that a vast swath of the population think he’s the Antichrist: it’s their word against ours’ and like a glass half full (“he’s NOT the Antichrist”) and half empty (“Obama’s the Antichrist alright and that means he’s Satan In Person.”)

    Obama not the Antichrist
    Chicago Tribune

    Nov 19, 2008

    The rumor: The day after Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, the Illinois State Lottery’s winning numbers came up as the “number of the beast” — 666.

    The reality: Yes, Illinois’ Evening Pick 3 game on Nov. 5 did result in a 6-6-6 winner — the same number combination that some consider the biblical number of the beast. It’s a peculiarity that has some blogs bubbling that this unlikely occurrence proves President-elect Obama is the Antichrist.

    “The chances of [the Illinois numbers occurring alongside Obama’s victory] rise well above 1 in 365,000,000!!!,” one commentator — incorrectly — calculated on YouTube, where someone else made a video last week about the lottery connection.

    In truth, the 6-6-6 sequence occurs regularly in Illinois Lottery drawings. Records reveal it has happened four other times this year, including three other Pick 3 drawings. In fact if you want to win, picking 6-6-6 seems a good bet. In 2008, the combination has appeared more often than any other similar sequence like 1-1-1 or 9-9-9. (A lottery spokeswoman declined to comment.)

    Fair enough, say the believers, who note that they have other proof of a “666-Obama connection.”

    Obama, you see, was a U.S. senator for Illinois, which includes Chicago, which includes the downtown 60606 ZIP code.

    Take out the zeros, and voila: 666.

  3. Another paper reporting that the lottery drew 666 the same day as Obama’s acceptance speech.
    Are real Christians going to take this sitting down? TMJ, can you deny the Coming of Jesus. It’s announced by the #666.
    Illinois Lottery Draws 666 on Heels of Obama Victory
    November 6, 2008
    The day after a senator from Illinois, is elected president, the Pick 3 lottery in Illinois comes up 666. It’s happened before, notably in Pennsylvania (12 times, including one time as part of a scam and once earlier this year, in Maryland. Some are jokingly (I hope) calling him the antichrist as a result. Others, namely numbers geeks like me, are spending their lunch hours looking up the history of lotteries drawing triple numbers and sharing it with MetaFilter.

    Day after win Obama lottery 666

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