It ISN’T About “Gun Control”. Its About How You’d Be DISARMED When The Commie-Crats Come For Your Property, Money, Possessions:

It ISN’T About “Gun Control”. Its About How You Would Be DISARMED When The Commie-Crats Come For Your Property, Money, Possessions:

Your money and possessions are the ‘big prizes.’

So, some mental lunatic supposedly shot up an Elem school (like Sandy Hoax) and the Commie-Crat party has went nuts – again – with their usual screams and rants of gun control. Here’s a question… After your guns, then what? When do they stop? They DONT stop. That’s the problem. They will NEVER stop, people.

They will not stop until they have stolen all of your possessions. Your home, your money, your car, etc. And, after they have taken ALL you own…What do they do? They murder you. That is what happens under Totalitarian, Communist, Fascist or Nazi regimes.

The beast is never satisfied until you’re dead.

Your compliance is foolishness. We were taught as young kids to stand up to a bully. The Commie-Crats need to be stood up to. This is something that the GOP has absolutely FAILED to do. They have bowed, coddled & folded like a suitcase to the Commie-Crat demons. There comes a time when you cannot coddle, humble yourself or bow to these horrible, satanic bastards. YOU MUST RESIST because they are demons.

Currently, the Commie-Crats are in ‘stage 2’.

1. “Sweeping away the Capitalists”

2. Under the Communists, circa 1917, Russia. “Citizens, hand over your weapons”
3. After the Communists disarmed the traditionalists, they came and seized homes, livestock, possessions and murdered the people.

This is one of the very reasons our founding fathers drafted the 2nd Amendment. It is one of our most precious rights next to the 1st Amendment. Commie control – not gun control.

You give up your guns and you are dead.

It’s all about taking what belongs to YOU.


9 thoughts on “It ISN’T About “Gun Control”. Its About How You’d Be DISARMED When The Commie-Crats Come For Your Property, Money, Possessions:

  1. All disarmanents end in slaughter throughout history.. mao got it right when he said, “power comes out of the barrel of a gun”. No gun no power.
    Cars werent banned with 50000 dead each year and half million wounded. Ladders arent banned despite lots of trajedy. Electrical sockets in homes? Ban them as they are deadly.. schwab says you will own nothing and he is dead serious.

  2. Many will DIE when they come here to try get mine! Your right madmedic. LOTS of blood! And AMERICANS WILL WIN

  3. It is well known that the reason Japanese Emperor Hirohito never truly tried to invade mainland America is because, according to him, there is a gun behind every blade of grass. And he was right. The armed American people are a very mighty force. That said- the satanic globalists can not install their NWO Govt until the American populace are disarmed. That is why these things happen in clusters. They hope if they can get enough grief and anger rolling the people will call for nation wide disarming. And of course they use kiddies. What better to pull at the heart strings? Never mind that the pedos in our govt are running an international child trafficking ring for the globalist elite.

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