My 70’s BOHO Inspired Art Collection

My 70’s BOHO Inspired Art Collection

“The Ponderer”
“When Nothing Matches But it all matches”
Jewelry Hoarder”
“The guardian”
“The Warrior”
“Out of the dark”
“Patterns of Life”

Most of these are 1970’s models. I run some of them thru an art program. There was such a sense of unusual style in the 70’s and 80’s. At any rate… I LOVE mixing these models with modern effects found on pinterest. My mixing art effects and such really allows me to disappear from the present lunacy. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! Here is a song for you to ponder:

May the LORD richly bless all of you.

And, may God have mercy on the people who hate us and him.

7 thoughts on “My 70’s BOHO Inspired Art Collection

  1. Wow. Where did you aquire those beautiful are pics? Must cost a fortune!

  2. Really nice boho art. And terrific song with few views means its good stuff on the narrow way.

  3. I agree that Jesus looks like that. I saw him 3X in my own dreams and that is what he looked like.

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