Pelosi’s Been BARRED From Communion At 4 Dioceses Now. REPENT NANCY PELOSI. STOP Defying HaShem/GOD

Pelosi’s Been BARRED From Communion At 4 dioceses. REPENT NANCY PELOSI. STOP Defying HaShem/GOD

Seriously…if apostate, Nancy Pelosi does not repent, ASAP.. She may just croak and then be FORCED to meet her Maker, the LORD of Hosts is his name. I had a dream about Pelosi, there she was drown in a puddle of muddy water. Also I remember her being ‘drowned’ in effigy. Meaning? The Lord may drown her in the sorrow of her sins or just drown her? She is a very evil woman.

We wrote about Pelosi using God’s words in vain and then BOOM – a Bishop rebuked her and now 3 more have rebuked her. I am really serious.. It might be her end very soon: NANCY PELOSI: STOP REFERRRING TO THE LORD, YOU EVIL JEZEBEL. The fact that these 4 Bishops have rebuked her and we prayed (on this blog) against her evil mouth is a confirmation that the LORD has been patient long enough. This is very serious.

People don’t think of us here on this blog as anything much… But, while we may be nothing in the secular world’s eyes.. HASHEM/God is our Father and he has arisen to judge and has been using this blog and the commenters here & he is performing his works.. “Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name…”


9 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Been BARRED From Communion At 4 Dioceses Now. REPENT NANCY PELOSI. STOP Defying HaShem/GOD

  1. I thought have read that she received one in Washington but now since this I am not sure. She probably buy them online and eat them at her house 🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. She had better listen up. (Though I doubt she will.) This is HaShem giving her very merciful last chances to turn it around. Praying that HE will remove her and the evil she perpetrates from the earth if she doesn’t turn quickly.

  3. Sorry, Ive been resting. Not feeling good. The STUPID devil.
    I hope they ALL refuse her!

  4. Thank you. Stick around and pray when we pray here. Gods been doing some really BIG things thru our little place here

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