Full Spectrum: “Summer Of Hell Is Here, Russia Says World War Has Started”

Full Spectrum Survival: “Summer Of Hell Is Here, Russia Says World War Has Started”

US/UK/EU Government Beast can’t live without starting a war. They can’t function without bloodshed, death, bombs and mass genocide. They’re pushed the bear. The bear will strike back at some point. Like it or not…Russia & their allies are going to clean the world of the now very satanic western world.

There are many prophecies & prophetic dreams of Russia and also China attacking the west & USA. And, those prophecies ARE coming to pass. Take a look at the prices of everything. Gas, fertilizer, wheat. The western governments are insane, immoral and greedy. God is using Russia as his ‘battle axe and weapon of war’ right now.

7 thoughts on “Full Spectrum: “Summer Of Hell Is Here, Russia Says World War Has Started”

  1. More time will tell more. IF we can even make it to 2024! Im afraid there will never be another presidential election

  2. I believe that it will not be an election. The dems I believe don’t want to loose that control and power, but that’s my opinion. We will see…

  3. Orwell predicted 3 powers. Oceania-the west. Eurasia-russia, eastasia-china. It seems to match the bible. Oceania ruled by the antichrist is troubled from north & east or russia & china. No player is good and china is indeed evil but the west is satans direct ruled beast and russia & china opplose devil direct rule.
    We are promised time will be cut short and Jesus will come.
    I reject all the silly theories out there rxcept one. Personally ive felt cutting time short is like this; 400 years slaves in egypt. 70 years slaves in babylon. 42 months great trib is indeed cut short.
    But one theory remains interesting; cut short the days lines up with satan only has a short time. Could it be the goals of 2030 were shortened to 2025? Is the devil worried his 42 months will be shortened so he is speeding
    It all up not knowing when he is stopped? Dont know but ponder it.
    The other scriptures that perk interest is ; blessed is he that comes to 1335 days or 45 days past 1290. And those that cant die for 5 months. That seems jab induced or transhumanism.
    Oh well. Be well and watch the unfolding.

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