Prepare For a Coming Coastal Tsunami!! | Perry Stone

Prepare For a Coming Coastal Tsunami!! | Perry Stone

Recently, I had a dream of a massive Tsunami/Flood. It was in Port Jefferson, Long Island.

Ive had any number of dreams of Tsunami’s. In my opinion, it could be a Tsunami of troubles as well as a real Tsunami. Here are my Tsunami dreams: CLICK

Younger People Are Dropping Like Flies From The Vax

Younger People Are Dropping Like Flies From The Vax

People are dropping like flies. It’s sick and sad. I won’t even take anything Pfizer anymore. Who knows what’s in it? We have to toughen up and deal with older remedies. These mad Scientists are murdering people with NO remorse and here are 10 more sudden deaths of young people. (Half way thru that page)

Those of you who rejected these concoctions of poison…

Thank GOD.

I’m So Glad Dave & I Didn’t Take “PAXLOVID”, The Prescription Med For Commie-Covid

I’m So Glad Dave & I Didn’t Take “PAXLOVID”, The Prescription Med For Commie-Covid

Look how Fauci-Snauchi got sicker: Fauci Suffers “Much Worse” COVID Symptoms After ‘Paxlovid Rebound’

We probably would not have even gotten Commie-Vid if I had not gone to the Dentist. The Doc was sick with a cold or the flu, or whatever Covid is and we caught it. We’re doing OK but this thing just lingers. Makes my stomach feel like chit! My voice is gone like laryngitis and so is Dave’s.

At any rate, I am up more and running around the house, checking on my bunnies and trying to get Dave to read me the bible. 🙂

Thank you folks for your continued prayers! Truly.

The Cackling Demons On The View Were Foaming At The Mouth Over Coach Prayer/SCOTUS Decision

The Cackling Demons On The View Were Foaming At The Mouth Over Coach Prayer/SCOTUS Decision



Whoopi was really angry and her demons were writhing over the SCOTUS decision. Sandi Hostin claims to be Catholic. She claimed: “I cant force people to believe like me”. Ana Navarro, who is also Catholic, said: “We really have to ask ourselves, are you ready to do this for every religion?” she asked, referencing Santeria, a religion whose practices include animal sacrifice.

So, these frothing demons are worried that people who sacrifice animals to satan will break out in animal sacrifice on a field of say, football or soccer. These 4 hags on “The View” are the most miserable witches on TV today. They should bring on Ann Coulter for equal time.

Pray for these unfortunate souls.

Michael Stenger, Assassinated. He Had “Newly Obtained Evidence” Re. #JAN6 Witch Hunt & The GOP Does NOTHING.

Michael Stenger, Assassinated. He Had “Newly Obtained Evidence” Re. #JAN6 Witch Hunt & The GOP Does NOTHING.

This says it all: (Hat tip, Tiff)

In DC, if one can prove the Commies or the Deep State players of foul play…they just end up dead. I pray DC BURNS to the ground. Even if the Leftists burn it, I couldn’t care less.

Dear Heavenly Father: Please bring this whole assassination to the light and expose everything in Jesus mighty name.

A Week With Covid

A Week With Covid

Covid feels like a nasty flu more than anything else. A cross between a cold and the stomach flu. All I have wanted to do is sleep. Ditto David Ben Moshe. It has definitely NOT been the worst ailment I have ever had. David feels the same. I do believe, however, that Coronavirus has a way of lingering which is draining.

I suppose at the beginning of the plan-demic, the virus was stronger. I settled it into my mind, early on, that it was a political disease, used to advance Communism and globalism. I still believe that this virus was dropped on the population by the powers that be. I believe the vaccine can and many times, does result in death. In fact, the vaccines are poison and David and I won’t receive it. We’ve seen way too many people drop dead on video’s.

At any rate, I figure Dave and I will probably be feeling a lot better by the end of the week. I have NO energy which is why I am not writing much. Our town seems to have been afflicted with Corona for the last month. Again, I believe ‘they’ probably dropped it on our town.


Eulogy To Roe V. Wade

Brilliant Bullright adds his thoughts.  Please read his eulogy:

Right Ring

Today, June 24, 2022, Roe V. Wade died after a torturous yet productive life. Roe was imagined and born in a cloakroom of the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973, by a 7-2 decision. Just as her life began there, it also ended there almost 50 years later.

She is survived by a variety of anonymous offspring who declined to comment. Her alias was ‘reproductive rights’ but often operated under the pseudonym of Healthcare. Socially ahead of the times, she identified as a law. Preferred pronouns: me, my, mine.

But for those 50 years she lived large in society, clinics, side streets in neighborhoods and the minds of the American people. She was a force to be reckoned with. Nearly every Supreme Court nominee — or federal judge — was forced to swear on the altar of Roe Wade to protect her ceremonious existence, marinated in estrogen.

She led a…

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