As U.S. Leftists Teach Your Children How To Be GAY…This Is What They’re NOT Teaching Them:

As U.S. Leftists Teach Your Children How To Be GAY…This Is What They’re NOT Teaching Them:

We all already know how dumb these poor kids are…. But, this just takes the cake of stupidity. Your children basically go to school and learn to be sexual deviants.

TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL for heavens sakes!

Your children learn how to hate their country and how to be an ugly tranny.

Stop trusting Leftists with your children.

This is the crap they ARE ‘teaching’ your children:

15 thoughts on “As U.S. Leftists Teach Your Children How To Be GAY…This Is What They’re NOT Teaching Them:

  1. Shameful of these Extreme Left-Wing Schools!!

    I Graduated High School in 1978 when School was better back then!!

    Love ❤ Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  2. So true Kristi Ann. I graduated 1975. Even 1983 Pauli, schools were schools! Better education

  3. there are tons of sins before God. Some very big. Strongholds are sins non stop repeated. All need stopped and repented for. Repentance is no more repeat with sorrow for what done.
    Abomination is sin thats huge and disgusting. Gays like to point out that both gayness and eating lobsters are both abominations while eating a pig is sin but not an abomination. Actually it shows how disgusting eating seafood is to God. Biologically a lobster is a sea scorpion. Biologically a shrimp is a sea cockroach, but the butter sure tastes good.
    But i believe a sin greater than these is to not protect children and grow them right. Jesus states how precious are children our prime duty on this earth after our own walk is the chikdren.
    Thus it seems that to put children in govt day gulags called schools is not only sin but abominstion.
    Not every one can home school. Some can learn but just let another trusted family home school yours if you yet cant..stop sinning people and get kids out of the day gulags.

  4. Extra point; do not think private schools are the answer including many perverted christian schools. A relative went to private school. Same agenda as the govt schools. But the classes are small. Yep, thus with small classes he got extra well brainwashed.

  5. I just know what the bible says.
    If God says gay is an abomination to him – it is.
    Abomination in the dictionary is referred to as a ‘detestable habit’.

  6. Sodomitism is clearly an abomination detestable thing to the Lord. I wish them to repent otherwise they go to the furnace where they belong.
    But dont miss the point that putting children in govt brainwashing centers is also detestable to the Lord and i wish parents stop putting childrem there where they get turned into sodomites and other terrible things.

  7. Its sick and sad to me. I dont have a lot of that up here. In fact, besides a couple of box stores – it doesnt exist. TY God

  8. Yes TMJ. Bible says its an abomination! Punishable by DEATH even. But you know, to me, even if Id never have read the bible in my life, it would GROSS ME OUT! Its built in me. Its part of me. Who I am. Hormones! GODS DESIGN! Its detestable to me not ONLY because God God hates it. Its in MY DNA

  9. People have been lobotomized in the gov’t indoctrination camps. I recently watched the new documentary “What is a Woman” hosted by Matt Walsh of Daily Wire. Part of it was “man on the street” interviews with various young people (college aged). They have no clue what truth and reality are. They have been brainwashed into thinking reality is whatever you believe it is. Even down here in the south you have support for trans kids in the schools. And what it is really is, is sick and attention seeking parents who get attention for having young kids who are part of the alphabet soup gang. Protect the children at all costs. Keep them out of gov’t schools!

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