CBS Commies Took A Poll For Gun Control. Color Me Surprised On The Commie Idiot Results:

CBS Commies Took A Poll For Gun Control. Color Me Surprised On The Commie Idiot Results:

Commie-Crat CBS took a ‘poll’ for gun control… The ONLY people who even visit CBS are Commies, Leftists and Liberal jackazzes.

81% of Left wing moonbats want background checks on all potential buyers. 72% of Liberal flakes want “Red flag” gun laws. 62% of Marxist filth want a ban on AR15’s…See the Results…

I’m not even ‘into’ guns. I have one but am really not ‘into’ them. Its not my sport of choice. I dont want to EVER have to use a gun on another human. All the same: It is a basic right that belongs to Americans….Just another freedom that the Fascist Left is after.


9 thoughts on “CBS Commies Took A Poll For Gun Control. Color Me Surprised On The Commie Idiot Results:

  1. CBS Nightly News with Joseph Goebbels; MSNBC Nightly News with Joseph Goebbels; CNN Nightly New with Joseph Goebbels . . . Propaganda is everywhere on TV.

    Stayed immersed in Scripture, have a strong prayer life. The Presence of God is more powerful than anything that Satan can throw at us.

    Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.”

  2. YEA CBS polled their OWN! Not surprising the results. What I hate is when they pass that BS poll result on as claiming its the majority of AMERICANS! They make SURE to poll the majority that will be in favor! Might even be 5 people! And if 4 out of 5 …thats majority!

  3. And I understand the gun thing Pauli! I have guns and dont EVER want to use against another human being. HOWEVER if said HUMAN is coming at me with a gun Id not hesitate to defend myself! P.S. Those that come at you with guns in your home arent humans anyway!

  4. I swear they just make these things up. More excrement to feed the little piggies. If the govt says you don’t need a gun – go out and buy 2. And don’t forget the ammo. Because if they can’t get your guns, they will make it increasingly difficult to buy ammo. Reminds me of Glenda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz saying the ruby slippers must be very powerful if the Wicked Witch of the West/East wanted them so badly. Same with guns. Our guns are the only thing that is keeping the NWO commies and our own govt from steamrolling us this very moment. That is why all the FF’s with gun violence, To get pubic support behind gun confiscation.

  5. One tweet ‘has set fire to the Washington Post’

    ‘Woke civil war’: Washington Post fires reporter after lengthy Twitter dispute

    The wicked always destroy themselves.

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