Fox-Stere’s Graduation 1981, LOL

Fox-Stere’s Graduation 1981, LOL

My blog pal, My FOX Stere graduated in 1981.. He’s older than me, na na na na na! So, let’s take a minute to wish him a big Happy Graduation Day 🙂

Here are the 100 top hits from 1981 to bring you back to a saner time and give you some memories:



8 thoughts on “Fox-Stere’s Graduation 1981, LOL

  1. Thanks Pauli! By the way, do you recognize the other person in my current avatar?

  2. And for others who do, don’t give it away until she does… Yeah, you others can say you do, but let’s see if the Mad Jewess does first.

  3. Yes, you got it! We graduated together. He’s a long time buddy of mine.

  4. I might have a remix or two for Class Of 83, though some are for ’82.

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