HORRIBLE, Prophetic Dream I Had Early This AM On 6/7/2022 Re. Blue Tooth?

HORRIBLE, Prophetic Dream I Had Early This AM On 6/7/2022 Re Blue Tooth?

Acts 2: 17 ‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams

This dream is very hard to explain because the events were so horrific. I am still mind-sick from this horrible dream. I cant even post a video because this dream has me dazed.. But, bless the LORD for his potential warnings.

  • Somehow, I ended up walking my friend’s mother down the train tracks.  The further we walked to our destination, the more muck, mire, and puddling we had to walk around.  We could not set our feet in the water or mire because the puddles were filled with some type of radiation.

Somehow, I lost track of my friend’s mother.  She went ahead of me.

As she went ahead of me, a huge, dark cloud formed.  This was unlike any cloud I had ever seen.  This cloud seemed to ‘see’ inside of people.  Some people were able to hide who they were.  I was told by the people who worked in this large place to NOT GO DOWN TO WHERE THEY WERE.

Like a dummy, I had no place to go and proceeded forward.  This dark, evil cloud seemed to allow certain people to pass thru to the ‘other side’.  The reason this strange cloud did this – is because these people had some type of contraption INSIDE of their bodies.  I did not.  I had refused to get this contraption. 

But, now…. I was at the mercy of these horrible people who wanted to know who I was – or who ANYONE was that did not have this contraption.

The workers (it seemed like most were Asian) put me in this scanner, electrical box (reminded me of a phone booth) and they radiated me!  They were burning me!  They threw me outside.  Like I was used trash.  I was outside asking someone, anyone for help.  But, I was the only one without this contraption.

The strange, darkened cloud turned into a SAPPHIRE BLUE CLOUD, (it was pretty but horrible).  It literally had the power to strike anyone who did not have the contraption INSIDE of them.  It struck me, (this blue cloud formation).

There I laid: burnt, barely alive, begging for mercy. Begging for help… BUT, nobody would help me.  One person said to me: “Just get the thing inside of you and you’ll feel better and you’ll eat’”.

I knew I could NOT get the contraption… So, I laid there, writhing in pain, begging God for help.


Obviously, this is some type of ‘mark of the beast’ dream. But, it was SO futuristic that it seemed like it couldnt be now? But, it is. I believe it is in the near future.

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  1. Pure yuk. To me the main message is a warning as you know in near future to not go forward. Dont advance. Stop. Maybe reverse and return from where you started direction or go right or left from travel direction. Think its a warning to you but maybe to all of is too.

  2. Wow! Maybe since you didn’t recognize the “mark” and was a contraption, maybe “they” would start with that, and then they will evolve to the tattoo method, or vice versa. Thank you for sharing 😊👍.

  3. This was not a ‘personal’ dream for me.
    It was an apocalyptic dream.
    My ‘personal’ dreams are usually nitemare waitress dreams. which warn me of events coming in my life

  4. The first thing that came to mind. Musk’s Star Link. There will be something like this hunting people down. I believe it.

  5. The Asians are Chinese. I will say this because I know how the Chinese invade and take over other lands. They tried to take over Japan centuries ago but got defeated by my people. And a prophecy from Robin D. Bullock exposed their dirty deeds a few weeks ago. Since you didn’t get stabbed with the witches’ brew, you don’t have the chip in you.

  6. That star link thing makes sense. In trouble for what not having. Its good to be out of the system but eventually being out will be odd for the world. Like not having a t.v and no microwave and no smartphone alone can get govt curious. Basically you are there with no bleep on their screen is an alarm situation.

  7. There is a prophecy about the USA in the End Times. The USA is the Eagle protecting Israel during the end times. It seems many in the USA did not take the Mark Of The Beast and fought back. Today is only a foreshadow of what will happen in perhaps a millennia.

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