@vijaya Gadde Holding Back BILLIONS In Twitter Sale: She Is REFUSING To Release Info Re. BOT/SPAM Accounts. See Musk Attny Letter:

Feminist Supremacist, @vijaya Gadde Holding Back BILLIONS In Sale Of Twitter. The Board Should FIRE Her:

Dumpster Fire Twitter has a FemiNazi Supremacist issue: Vijaya Gadde. Observe the letter below, written from the Attny’s working on closing the sale. Gadde REFUSES to release the information of the Spam and Bot accounts:

(Right click to see this letter enlarged)

Here it is on FB:

My video on Vijaya:

NO offense to the ladies who frequent the blog…but most women in power are real schmucks. Dorsey should come clean about her. Gadde destroyed his corporation. GROW A PAIR, Jack!! I’m no Elon Musk fan but this is totally unacceptable.

7 thoughts on “@vijaya Gadde Holding Back BILLIONS In Twitter Sale: She Is REFUSING To Release Info Re. BOT/SPAM Accounts. See Musk Attny Letter:

  1. Agree! These is obscene, what is being allowed to happen. A great many women in power are hideous. But HaShem said part of the curse upon women was going to be a desire to rule over man. And it is the feminist commie lies that women shouldn’t be content in their Gd given roles of wife and mother. If women were at home raising the children, and making it a sanctuary for their husbands, the nation would be in a very different place.

  2. I maybe wrong but I believe that didn’t the gov pass a bill about allowing inmigrants to work on those places twitter, facebook, etc.? As you know, most or all of our supposed to be representatives that “supposed” to work for us getting paid, bought off under the table? 🤔 That woman they might brought it here and may didn’t take the inmigrant us test and just hired on the spot. Remember that some of those women don’t know bible and worship cows (and hope I don’t sound too harsh against women from India) but it is true! She may not any american values and for those “people in charge” of tweeter there are all or most of them left-wing radical that hates you and me sister.

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  4. Vagina Grabber is definitely an unholy cow with a big beef! We need some real beef eaters to take her down, Pauli!

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