The Fish Of The Sea: God Made Them ALL!

My Digi: “Fish fam”, TMJ, 6-2022

Hashem, GOD has made every, single thing so beautiful. What a fabulous Lord we have that he can paint every little fish a different color. He made all of the beautiful jellyfish. Seahorses. Crabs, Lobsters and on and on!

Isn’t He great and awesome? Fish look like flying flowers to me! How can we even begin to thank God for all of these beautiful things. He is so wonderful. In times that are so horrible, look at the things God has created thru Jesus Yeshua.


I’m trying to take it easy because of these stupid hives. I went to the Dr today and she gave me a cream. I bought “Oxy Hives”, a holistic spray. The Spirit of the LORD will walk me thru this – he ALWAYS does.

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  1. Great video post! And I hope the hives stop in the name of Christ!

    I have some new posts coming up on my blog site for you to kick back with. Music posts!

  2. Feel better. Hope new cream effective. Hives is horrid and can have so many possible causes hard to track down. Wife finally found her cause so its stopped. It was sjogrens reacting to plastic acrylic teeth now made with gluten. Progress sucks as old types were better. Just overcome soon.

  3. Yes beautiful fish, colors, shapes….Butterflies, so beatiful. Birds, all their beautiful colors and beautiful songs they sing! I think God made them for their beauty and our enjoyment! OH back to fish, Ive yet to see a mermaid! Except in a movie, lol

  4. God’s creation is so beautiful.

    This must be God’s perfect timing. Five minutes before I saw this post, I was listening to my audio King James Bible and I was listening to Ecclesiastes (one of my least-read books in the Bible). I listened to Ecclesiastes 11:5 and it really blew me away: very profound and it really glorified the God of all creation:

    “As thou knowest not what is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all.”

    When I look back on all the years of my hitchhiking the United States, I never grew tired of looking at the various landscapes of the different states I traveled through. Mountains, deserts, forests, midwestern fields, high plains grasslands, the coast of Oregon and California. God’s creation is so brilliant and vast and complex. And sleeping outside and looking up at the stars at night. It leaves you in awe and wonder. Glory to God in the Highest!

  5. Pressure grows on France after Champions League CCTV footage deleted

    Issued on: 10/06/2022 – 12:42

    Pressure was growing on French authorities after the surprise revelation CCTV footage from the Stade de France during the Champions League final last month has been deleted, with critics alleging a deliberate cover-up

    Paris (AFP) – Pressure was growing Friday on French authorities after the surprise revelation CCTV footage from the Stade de France during the Champions League final last month has been deleted, with critics alleging a deliberate cover-up.

    The French Football Federation revealed Thursday to a commission at the French Senate the images had been destroyed automatically having not been subject to a warrant from judicial authorities, in line with French law.

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    France’s reputation has taken a battering as laid out in a government report on Friday.
    This means the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin (his second name is Moussa – i.e. an Algerian) will probably get fired and that means Macron’s best man, so he should drag Macron down too.

  6. ***Mad Coow Rachel Maddow turns on the Dems because she knows Antichrist Obama headed for jail. Why are the Obots at TMJ still not saying Obama’s the Antichrist yet? It’s not rocket science,: “OBAMA’S THE ATNCHRIST” – say it damm it folks.*********
    Hell freeze over? Rachel Maddow actually ADMITS Trump and his rally had nothing to do with Jan. 6 Capitol breach (no seriously, WATCH)
    Posted June 10, 2022

    We have watched this clip of Rachel Maddow several times now, waiting for there to be a punchline or something we’re missing, maybe a follow-up about how Trump is still evil and kicks puppies, starves orphans, etcetera, but no. Granted, this is just a clip, and who knows what she rattled off after dropping this little truth bomb but she said what she said.

    Take a look:

  7. I know why the posters at TMJ won’t say Obama’s the Antichrist.
    Pauli said it. Most of the posters at TMJ are convinced Obama’s the Antichrist.
    But the difference is, they WON’T SAY IT, won’t open their mouths to say it, maybe scareed the FBI and Obama’s Obots break down their front doors, Pauli’s been saying it and she’s a woman, she’s not scared at all of the Antichrist (she believes in Jesus and God so she’s not scared of Satan-Obama and his cohorts and Devil’s Minions, Obots trolling at TMJ).

  8. Saying it doesnt make a difference . People know and believe it, its actions that matter, not words from their mouth

  9. Thank you Ken. I think it’s just been the devil attacking. We’ve all been here speaking doom to these rotten, devilish, filthy ‘leaders’

  10. Sorry to ask again Pauli, but for some reason your private email address was taken out of my contact list. I have the one that says @protonmail… but i think thats your old one. Send me an email pl;ease. Ill try to add you that way. I dont understand. In case you dont have my email anymore, its AND I have Others can email me too. But let me know. Have a good night Pauli. Sleep well

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