“S.A.D.S.” – What A CROCK! It’s The VACCINE, Stupid!

“S.A.D.S.” What A CROCK! Its The VACCINE, Stupid!

Nobody was dying like this BEFORE the vaccine. Now, people are dying in droves after they receive the concoction of poison – it’s total genocide. Just look at this sheer stupidity: Doctors “Baffled” by Sudden Increase in “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” despite Government Data Linking Increased Deaths to COVID-19.. Now, they’re calling it “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” instead of calling it what it is: Vaccine Deaths.


It’s amazing to me how many people just shut out our voices of reason regarding this shot! They just believed BIG DADDY GOVT.

How many athletes died from the poison?


11 thoughts on ““S.A.D.S.” – What A CROCK! It’s The VACCINE, Stupid!

  1. What most don’t realize is that SIDS is caused by vaccines. Nearly all babies/toddlers who die of SIDS have been vaccinated in the 48 hours prior to dying. So it is no shock that adults are dying from this new satanic jab. This is just the beginning. We have not yet begun to see the global depopulation that is coming. Look up “the great infant die off” that is going on.

  2. Oh maybe its gorilla pox which is real quick? And my orange is really a deformed apple.

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