USA & EU: It’s Your Time To LOSE. Sanctions didn’t Work, Russia Is Winning In Ukraine. Deal With The Fallout

USA & EU: It’s Your Time To LOSE. Sanctions didn’t Work, Russia Is Winning In Ukraine. Deal With The Fallout

YAHOO NEWS Via NYT: Momentum in Ukraine is shifting in Russia’s favor:

The war is evolving into what analysts say will be a long slog, placing growing pressure on the governments and economies of Western countries and others throughout the world. Read it.

Defacto “Prez”, Barack Hussein Obama & his dementia-ridden, stupid puppet/prophet Biden are losing in Ukraine. All of the nations of the EU are struggling horribly with oil. The sanctions didn’t work and it’s our time to lose.

When you lose, you can be a ‘good sport’ or you can cry and whine. You can ‘man-up’, accept responsibility for our demise or cry like a stupid, Liberal, Commie jackass.

Facts are still the facts – gas is higher than it has EVER been. There is a food shortage that is growing into a famine. Baby formula is scarce and parents are panicking. Inflation is terrible. The dollar is worthless and the stocks are crashing. We’re hearing from our Canadian friends that 1 out of 4 families are barely eating 2 meals a day and they hate America for this sanction clusterfock which they also brought upon Russia with delivered sanctions.

The stupid Democrats are reluctant to blame their Grandpa Diaper Joe. Blame or no blame… $5.00 gas is here: AAA says nationwide average hits new high. Commentators are begging Biden to not go to Saudi Arabia: Commentary: Don’t go to Saudi Arabia, President Biden

According to the Associated Press, European Union nations rely on Russia for 25 percent of their oil and 40 percent of their gas. Last week’s decision involved only oil. Weaning off gas will be far harder.

Russia is having victory in Ukraine, outting the Nazi’s and the NATO beast combined military powers.

Canada is losing. Europe is losing.

America….it’s our time to lose. And, YES, there is a time for winning and a time for losing. The time to lose is now.

I’m sorry.. it’s didn’t have to be this way, but Leftists DESPISE this nation and because of them and the ‘right’s’ apathy -the sun has set on the American empire.

God and satan do not mesh.


17 thoughts on “USA & EU: It’s Your Time To LOSE. Sanctions didn’t Work, Russia Is Winning In Ukraine. Deal With The Fallout

  1. You know the US wants this war WW3 and diaper Joe is just a puppet. His brain 🧠 is gone. He can’t run a country. To me, this is engineered to bring the US down to take away the guns away, our economy, etc. US will be invaded one day.

  2. Absolutely, I agree with everything you’re saying.
    Diapers is OBAMA’s mouthpiece.
    Thats about what I would expect from the devil’s false prophet: JOE DIAPERS. LOL

  3. A lot of people are distracted by this evil gov babylon and some are not praying to our Lord not reading His word so they are astray! Some people love money and this world and can’t let it go. I have been ready to leave. When the bombs start to drop they will be scared out of their minds because they thought the US will never be invaded.

  4. Yep! I see that too. Im readying myself also.
    Ive been selling so many things that I thought were ‘dear’ to me. I started selling my favorite things, too. Adios to the JUNK!
    And, the Lord has blessed me incredibly as I have been selling these things.

    Every day, I wonder….’is this the day that we are invaded?’
    I have a LOT of dreams on this website about the invasion.

    In any event, I saw that B.O. was the anti christ in 2010 when he demanded the crosses come down at GWU.
    I also see that he is the 6th and 8th (defacto) king:
    This person does as well:
    The whole govt now is THE BEAST.
    How people just cant see this is beyond me.

    Obama is the AC and Joe Diaper is his ‘false prophet’.
    People want a Hollywood false prophet. Life isnt like that.
    Im glad you know 🙂

  5. I asked our Lord who is the antichrist one day. I knew through His prophets but I decided to ask and led me to a video that same day on pastor Robert Breaker youtube a video that he did that he mentioned O. B. as the antichrist. Also, later on during my narrow walk, Father let me to see the antichrist’s spirit O. B. is in a shape of a snake on fire the same shape of a snake on the UN logo. I know he is the antichrist. He just hasn’t announced it yet.

  6. Do you think he will come out and say “Im the AC?” Or Im the messiah?
    I wonder..
    Im just happy you know.
    Geir, a Buddhist who comes here believes Obama is the AC, too! So does MaleNurseKen. Olive believes he is the head of the beast also.
    Saints is not convinced. But, he’ll see soon because he lives in Israel!

    When that devil finally steps up with his spiel of BS, I will be saying –

    If you ever need to chat or prayer or news clips to send, here is my email:

  7. The question I would have is if he is going to look like him now? I would say for now nope because everyone knows him in Israel and would not be deceived. I believe that that spirit would inhabit a Syrian Jew because Father just showed me today out of a blue the one that is going to declared himself god doesn’t look like O. B. This one had a beard but trimmed and a little lighter skin. So maybe that spirit would transform O. B. to look like some else? According to the word he can transform as an angel of light so O. B. could like someone else as a disguise to be someone else.

  8. Possibly. Who knows?
    I just know he is the evil one.
    Its possible that A.I. will change his looks..?
    Also, Jesus said there would be many false Christs? So, who knows!? Its a GREAT story unfolding!
    Everyone will know that God reigns and his son is Jesus ♥

    This young boy had a “NDE” and saw Obama as the “Gog” (antichrist)
    At 30.00 minutes, you can hear that straightaway if you havent:

  9. The 2 sisters , older ahola and younger aholaba are in deep do do for leaving God. Guess who they may be today. Ex 38 is attack on both. The younger dies and the older has 1/3 survive.

  10. Ok, looks like its not showing up.

    you can either copy/past this:

    OR, go to youtube and type in: Rabbi Rami Levy & 15 year Old Natan – Clinical death – Testimony About The End of Days Coming Soon

  11. I’ll talk to ya later. Its my Fathers b’day and Im going out to eat with he and my mom ♥

  12. We can not ask HaShem to bless our wicked wicked nation who cause the whole world to go whoring after the Beast’s system. The time of reckoning is here. May we all have ears to hear and eyes to see. Cling to His tzi-tziot. Hide yourself in His wings. May He have mercy on those who are his.

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