More Of My Mixed, Klimt-Inspired Digital Art

TMJ, “Lily Does Klimt”

This piece above sits the famous supermodel, Lily Cole. I cut out several pieces of Klimt paintings and placed them inside the boxes and circles.

I’ve use the works of Gustav Klimt to make an effort to converse with Leftists. It breaks ice: They love Klimt. He was Left. He was also a very talented, God gifted artist and painter who didn’t give glory to God, sadly. In any event, he was brilliant with color. At least to me. Klimt often utilized colors that I am drawn to. I gather this is why I really admire some of his pieces in his gold period.

TMJ, “Gus Mod”

Above is a hairdressing model I ran thru an art program. I took different G.K. paintings and digitally placed them, strategically. This piece was featured on the art forum I frequent. I may upload this mix to Canvas and paint it with gel medium and sell it on Etsy. I’ll think about it.


This above piece has NO Klimt works displayed. I just took photographs of pieces & remnants of quilt fabrics — digitally cut and maneuvered them to fit. The model, I ran thru my art program to give her an appearance of acrylic. Pictures of coins are added as well as a photo’d brooch that costs about $20K… Lol.

Here is a video of a collection of Gustav paintings:

At any rate…Hope you enjoyed.

I will be gone for 2 days. Tomorrow – I have to go to Scottsdale for my Tinnitus pieces to be adjusted. Perhaps Dave might write something in my stead.. Friday – Dave has to take me for a small oral surgery. So, I’ll be passed out 🙂

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  1. OH Gd luck Pauli! Take care of them ears. How long have you had thgat problem? I LOVE THE ART!!!!

  2. Wow Good work Pauli. These are very well done pieces of Art. I have a paint program I like to play with.. These should sell !!

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