Don’t Hope In A ‘Red Wave’ This Election.

Don’t Hope In A ‘Red Wave’ This Election.

Some of you already watched my video. I have to watch every little thing I say because of the poor, pathetic, butt-hurt commie pedo & baby murdering troglodyte’s that run Youtube:

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  1. I Agree Pauli! Politics TOOK OVER! SELF interests! Their OWN bank accounts is all they care about! I WILL say this! Thats why they wanted our GUNS for years now! Cuz they KNOW if WE THE PEOPLE unite and use our GUNS, THEY LOSE!

  2. You’re right Pauli! By the way, I will have a link on Monday to Elijah Streams “Johnny Enlow Unfiltered” on my blog. The normal Elijah Streams host Steve Shultz said he’s on vacation all week, and he’ll have his trusted fill in Kelsey O’Malley filling in for him all week. Monday ‘s episode is only on Rumble. Any time after 11 AM PDT, you can see the webcast live or later. I suspect Johnny will have something prophetic to say about Bidet’s little “bike accident” or something else.

    I’m also sensing Robin D. Bullock will have a prophetic word of warning for Biden on “The Eleventh Hour” Tuesday on YouTube. His telecast is 11 AM Central Time. I’ll have that link post on Tuesday Morning starting 12 Midnight PDT.

  3. Thank God you at least look like you are doing well.
    Colors have meaning. Commies are red is a given. Im old enought to remember the psyop pulled on american minds roughly 40 years ago plus or minus a few years as forgot the year, but republicans were blue and democrats were commie red. That together they swapped colors as a psyop is testament of their good cop bad cop program.
    Thats why trump first 2 years with republicans in control of congress nothing happened. So a republican return is return to nothing. The advantage of commie democrats in charge is more people waking up very angry and at some point the people might react to save themselves. But put the republicans back and awakeness and anger will fizzle out for a time and it will end up the same hell.
    Now the reds & blues do each to some point really fight over power as they all want to be top dog..
    Voting is sort of like choosing between commies or fascists with no other choice.
    Voting may still have some value in some local areas and for some sheriffs etc. But on national level is worthless. On many state levels is already too late as its the same 2 choices. America was set up as a multi party system with many rules for no winner in multi party voting.
    This media 2 party system lingo is brainwashing..
    Constution even says paper ballotts, thus no computers !
    Even in israel with paper ballotts, vote is a joke due to a bad system but at least voting in primaries to pick who gets which seat number still is worth a vote there.
    The only vote that counts is for the King, Jesus.

  4. If there is no sovereign God ruling above all according to a great eternal decree, then there is no hope at all in any political party. Both the “Red” and the “Blue” have signed onto the Great Reset, which is global, not specific to just one nation or alliance of nations.

    I think our only hope in this life of avoiding a civil war is a Convention of the States (Article V of our Constitution). But failing that, secession and war seem inevitable.

    If that is God’s will, so be it. I will play my part with a pure conscience and hope ultimately in the justice and mercy of God alone. The leading cause of death in the USA is abortion. Millions and millions since Roe v Wade. We may expect to pay for that national sin just as we did for the national sin of slavery. Now add to that horror the sexualization and exploitation of children and it’s easy to see that a holy God should not spare such a wicked nation from judgement. The GOP as a party has not acted to end this evil. But even if they did, I have no confidence in the elections process anymore. Our only hope should be in God. Thanks for this video.

  5. I agree with you ROBIN! However colors of parties dont really mean much to me. Red, Blue, it dont matter. we have democrats run for political office, on REP ticket! For purposes of infiltration and changing the party from within! Its really no different than skin color. Democrats like to call whites RACIST! They ARE the real racists. But red, blue party, theres no such thing in reality. they are ALL purple! MIXED! Tghats why NOTHING gets done anymore. FAKE COLORS! FAKE POLITICS! Im NOT a republican! Im CONSERVATIVE and im sure that too will change soon! Democrat socialists will infiltrate and change it from within

  6. Im OK, Saints but went to the Dentist and he had a cold and gave it to me!
    I dont get a break.
    Please pray for me 😦

  7. And bet the dentist even wore a worthless mask. It will pass so get well quickly.

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