WA Gov Islee Warns: “Blackouts, Destruction & Death” This Summer. Commies Planning Bloodbath?

WA Gov Islee Warns: “Blackouts, Destruction & Death” This Summer. Commies Planning Bloodbath?

Commie/Globalist Vampires LIVE for bloodshed.

There is some type of code with Commies and globalists: They MUST warn a population of what they are planning to do. So, get prepared up there in those states. Who knows what these basket-case demons are up to.

CLICK to read: Governor Jay Inslee (D-Washington) sent an eerie letter to his supporters on Monday predicting that they are in for a summer of ‘blackouts, destruction, and death’ over the alleged climate crisis. 

6 thoughts on “WA Gov Islee Warns: “Blackouts, Destruction & Death” This Summer. Commies Planning Bloodbath?

  1. Same scripts especially in the top deagel depopulation nations. Israel said covid coming back fast so freedoms soon to reduce again. They no longer tell whether jabbed or unjabbed are testing sick.
    Next week lapid will be tempory ruler so you guessed it, hes worse. Hes like a jobama with a brain.
    Evil warns so we must be ready.!

  2. This governor is also predicting? Does it have a magic ball? 🔮 🤔🤔 Since they are trying (to condition us), I mean warn us might as well be prepared.

  3. Pauli,
    Being rejected because we say Obama’s the Antichrist (no one on your forum dares to say it like we do: i.e. LOUD AND CLEAR) is our badge of honor, you know. Why was Jesus crucified? Why was he ostracized and rejected? Because he was misunderstood and he was not listened to. Being nailed to the cross and blood flowing from his wounds is the sign of Jesus’ sainthood. That means he wasn’t understood by the madding crowd.

    So Pauli, we’re being put aside and ignored and put down by those who reject the message: that Obama’s the Antichrist and it drives them crazy.

    Jesus was nailed up on the cross for his words and we’re also put down for saying it loud and clear: Obama’s the Antichrist. It’s our badge of honor that it’s us being put down and not them in the lynching mob… in the madding crowd. We’re the Chosen and it’s Not them: “…for they do not know what they are doing…”(Jesus) – hell why can’t they man up like real men and say it? “Obama’s the Antichrist”.
    Why are they like weaklings with all their strength gone, when Satan-the AC-Obama-Barry Parks strides forth and imposes his RULE OF LIES on everybody? Luckily for the world Pauli, there are still CHOSEN ONES/us around, to save the day.

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