Fabulous New Website: “Transgendered To Transformed!”

Fabulous New Website: “Transgendered To Transformed!”

This is a wonderful website which talks about testimonies regarding men and women who were saved by Jesus and left the transgender lunacy. Often, I get extremely disgusted by the militant spirit of many homosexual people and I’m sorry… But, the whole thing completely grosses me out. HOWEVER, just because I am grossed out and disgusted does NOT mean that the Lord can’t help these people….because HE CAN! https://transgendertotransformed.com/

Here is a great testimonial:


5 thoughts on “Fabulous New Website: “Transgendered To Transformed!”

  1. Sad yet wonderful testimony. His life is saved and hopefully his soul is saved. Reality is reality and he found it..

  2. Hallelujah!!!!! He is so faithful! SO grateful for ministries like these. Show the LGBT+ community there is hope and life outside of that identity.

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