Prepare For a Coming Coastal Tsunami!! | Perry Stone

Prepare For a Coming Coastal Tsunami!! | Perry Stone

Recently, I had a dream of a massive Tsunami/Flood. It was in Port Jefferson, Long Island.

Ive had any number of dreams of Tsunami’s. In my opinion, it could be a Tsunami of troubles as well as a real Tsunami. Here are my Tsunami dreams: CLICK

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  1. I know some of the landscapes of the beaches in Southern California. The ones with mountains are in San Diego County, South Orange County, Malibu in Los Angeles County and further north along Highway 1 and sections of US 101 where it joins up with Pacific Coast Highway.

  2. Well book of REV in Bible talks about destruction by huge waves. ALSO about volcanoes, earthquakes, AND meteors falling to earth which cause some of tsunamis!

  3. Prophet Thomas Horne mentioned the asteroid in Revelations possibly hitting the earth on Friday April 13 2029 somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, affecting the coast of California, Mexico and further south. The scene appeared to be mid morning on the coast where he saw people fleeing for higher ground when the meteor struck the ocean. He was on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural in 2020 or 2021 talking about this. So people are praying about us being saved from this.

  4. Beware of what you pray for. There are other parts of the US subject to God’s Judgement as well.

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