The Usual Summer, Violent, Commie-Crat Instigated Riots Have Begun: #JaylandWalker, #AKRON Ohio

The Usual, Violent, Riots: Summer, Commie-Crat Instigated Protests Have Begun: #JaylandWalker

Here we go again with the usual racial, Commie-Crat inspired, violent riots. They lost at the Supreme court…So, why not use blacks to set the cities on fire — again. It’s the usual status quo in the USSA.

With Gas up, high inflation, the ‘leadership’, (or lack of) plus more inconvenient insanity, it’s the Leftists, who almost always have to riot, loot and ‘protest’.

They need their pound of flesh.

13 thoughts on “The Usual Summer, Violent, Commie-Crat Instigated Riots Have Begun: #JaylandWalker, #AKRON Ohio

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  2. I live close to Akron Ohio and it’s another soulless dead human sewer. White teenager Ethan Liming was stomped and kicked to death by three inner city apes. The Akron Beacon Urinal barely covered this story however, yesterday’s paper was page after page coverage for “Door Dash” boy’s ventilated demise. This is what happens when the USA Today owns all of ohios local newspapers.

  3. Holy makarel! How awful for that young man- just murdered like that by ‘princes’ of America 😦

  4. Pauli: I was listening to an interview between Steve Schultz and Johnny Enlow yesterday and Johnny said that we are now entering the judgment phase of God’s work in the earth. The past two or more years, the Lord has really been exposing the wicked–not just to Christians, but to unbelievers. I am seeing the same thing.

    I believe something has shifted in the heavenly realm. The war in the heavenlies with our prayers is now spilling out into the earth. Of course, Satan will fight back with riots, false flag shootings and other acts of terrorism (Satan is the supreme terrorist). I believe that the states that ban abortion will receive divine protection and blessing and the states that allow abortion will be ruined by the Hand of God (or else you can say that the Lord will let the wicked destroy the wicked).

    God’s Warning to Pelosi and the Pope

  5. I agree with you, Tim.
    The ‘end of the world’ is judgment on the wicked.

  6. I believe that, Tim!
    We’re watching biblical prophecy in real time.
    Wicked people and their ‘things’ are being judged.

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